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Let The Flames Begin.

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This chapter isn't finished yet but i tshould bee soooooon please read anyway ^^

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Brendon lunged at Gabe and grabbed him by his shoulder and spun him round. Greeting Gabe with a punch on his already broken nose. Gabe felt white hot pain shooting up into his eyes accompanied by white lights that streaked across his vision. He didn't know what had happened to him, and he didn't have chance to find out before there was a blow to his stomach, knocking all of the air out of him. He doubled over, feeling sick. There was an onslaught on his sides, legs and stomach.

There was a shout from a familiar voice that he had lived with for the better part of a year. Ryan. " Brendon! Stop! Please!"

Gabe saw a blurry image of feet approaching him and a struggle between the two bodies that stood before him. Eventually the merciless violence that was unleashed upon him using fists, feet and the occasional knee started to stop as two more pairs of feet came into view and started to drag the perpetrator away. His vision started to clear up, then, as he groaned and rolled onto his back there were sharp, agonising pains that shot through his side and stomach. His vision was blocked by someone wearing a red and black dress. That must be Victoria he mused through the curtain of pain. He felt gentle hands slowly stroke the back of his head until He got the full focus of his eyes back and clear thoughts.

"Babe? Are you okay?" Victoria's husky voice accompanied the gentle hands.

"Ugh, what happened?"

"Well, Brendon came outside followed by Spencer, Jon and Ryan. Then he saw us and went crazy. Ryan tried to stop him but he couldn't 'cos he's not as strong so Spencer and Jon had to drag him off you. They've gone back to Ryan's now I think. He seemed mortified, despite the fact he has punched you himself. We should get you to the hospital and get you checked out."

Gabe obliged and managed to walk to the parking lot with Victoria despite the excruciating pain in his side. The drive to the hospital was as silent as the grave.


"Oh. My. God."

Brendon was a shaking wreck of adrenaline with no outlet for it. He was sat on the floor, in a ball. He hadn't said anything for the past twenty minutes. He just sat there, shaking, whilst the others talked at him.

"How could you do that Brendon? You're going to get arrested for assault or something," Ryan was pacing up and down his apartment lounge. Biting his nails and looking so worried that he might throw up. "I-i, What do we do?"

"Ryan, please calm down. He didn't kill anyone. The most that he could get is a fine and community service," Jon's attempt at calming Ryan down didn't seem to work at all and he just kept pacing. The constant back and forth making Jon and Spencer feel sick.

"Ryan, honey, please just sit down. Not only is this worrying going to make you worse. But you're starting to make me feel ill." This time Spencer seemed to get through. He was always better at persuasion than Jon anyway.

Ryan nodded timidly and perched on the edge of the couch that was pushed up to the wall and immediately started to shake his leg, a nervous habit of his. A small ball of ginger fur jumped onto Ryan's knee and started mewling at him, the small kitten pointed it's large green eyes at him and started to pad his leg through his grey skinny jeans. The pent-up distress slowly melting from his pressured hazel eyes. The release of anguish from Ryan meant that Spencer and Jon could relax, just a little bit. The kitten rolled around in Ryan's lap attacking his teasing fingers allowing Ryan to let a small giggle escape from his lips.


SORRY!!!!! i have to go and i wrote all this in the online story-writer thingy and i am NOT deleting it. I will try to get teh rest up as soon as possible. Reviews are appreciated. Hope you enjoy what's up so far ^^ -End Transmission-
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