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Let The Flames Begin.(part two)

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I be apologisin' for teh two part chapter- it annoyed me too, i'd rather've had a full chapter :( < sad face.. Anyway There is a revelation!!! :O

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Quick Note Sorry about thee cut off in the middle of the last chapter. ALSO Spencer has known Brendon since he was little- so he knows Him better than most people and like helped him through stuff. Just needed to get that in there. ENJOY!


Brendon had stopped shaking from adrenaline now and was now silently sobbing in the corner, He made a crushed whimper and his three closest friends snapped up their heads. Spencer went over to him whilst Jon kept Ryan busy by playing with the mini tiger-shaped tribble in Ryan's lap. Spencer slumped down next to him and put an arm round his shoulder. Comforted by the familiar arm, Brendon put his head on Spencer's shoulder and leant into the embrace.

"Bren, are you OK? I know for a fact that kind of stuff takes alot out of you, more than most people," Spencer's voice was warm and understanding. It's comforting values second only to Brendon's mum.

"No, I'm not. I hate when I get like that, I can't control myself and I almost hit you guys. I feel awful," Brendon's words were broken but clear. Brendon rarely hurt people physically, He could fight like a hormonal girl when it came to bitching. But when it came to throwing punches, He wasn't exactly a connoisseur. Today though, he was barely hanging on when he got out of the club and the look on Ryan's face when he saw Victoria hinging off Gabe like that, it just pushed him over the edge. "How much damage did I do to him?"

"We're not sure, Jon was going to ring Ryland later to find out. But we think you messed him up pretty bad Bren." Spencer's aquamarine eyes were full of reassurance and support, despite being the bearer of bad news to Brendon.

He gave Brendon one last squeeze and hauled himself to his feet, spun round and held out his hands, waiting for Brendon's. Brendon gave a small sigh and slapped his hands into Spencer's, He was then yanked to his feet a small smile creeping onto his lips. He was dragged over to the chair that sat adjacent to the sofa and plonked himself down. Spencer snuggled in next to Jon, finally happy that everyone was feeling a little bit better. Jon was about to say something when a universe-ripping growl erupted from his stomach and everyone looked at his stomach as though a baby alien just burst out of it, even the kitten; Whom then ran off when Ryan said rather nonchalantly, "I think Jon's hungry." Causing an explosion of laughter from the still watery-eyed Brendon and two more fits of giggling from Spencer and Jon.

Ryan, not realising how funny he'd actually just been just shrugged his shoulders and rang the pizza parlour.

"Guys! Shut up! what do you want from the Pizza Place? 'Cos i'm hungry, Jon definitely is and you two eat like starved antelopes anyway."

The mention of food shut the guys up instantly and they put their pizza-faces on, they each took turn studying the pizza menu intently and eventually, after much deliberation made their orders. Once the pizza was ordered Brendon seemed to have cheered up infinitely and was trying to think of things to do and, again after much debate, the guys decided upon playing snakes and ladders until the pizza got there.

Two hours later, a game of snakes and ladders that resulted in the board being thrown across the room because Jon refused to lose, three cans of beer each, four huge pizzas and half a horror film that got turned off because Spencer said the gore was just pathetic and NOT because he was scared shitless and hiding behind Jon's back, later. Jon and Ryan, whom were both very cheap drunks were sat on the floor arguing who would win in a fight between catwoman and spiderman and throwing popcorn at each other. Whilst Brendon and Spencer attempted to play scrabble with a kitten in the middle of the board. When Jon blurted out a comeback that was completely irrelevant to the argument.

"YEAH! Well you want to fuck Brendon!"

Ryan stared at him in complete disbelief. Spencer snickered. Brendon just, sat there, taking it as a joke. Ryan and Brendon were always flirting in an extremely sexual, but not at all way. He knew it didn't mean anything, but boy if it did, a guy can dream.

"Jon, you shouldn't say stuff like that. They're both oblivious," Spencer scolded in a joking, yet completely serious manner.

That's when two pairs of disbelieving eyes turned on him. Spencer suddenly felt like a rabbit in the crosshairs. It was now Jon's turn to giggle at his boyfriend's slip of the tongue.

"What? I'm just saying it's completely obvious to everyone but you two..." Spencer could just feel the hole he was digging getting deeper and deeper. "Umm... Okay, i'm going to break it to the both of you. Ryan, Brendon likes you. Not in the I'm-your-best-freind kind of way, but the I'd-like-to-see-you-naked-in-my-bed kind of way. Brendon, It's basically the same for you."

The two subject of the conversation looked at each other and both blushed fiercely, Spencer and Jon didn't know about last night.

"Right, now that's out of the way, I want a drink."


DID YOU LIKE EET??????!!!!!!!!!!! t'was rather fun to write. This was going to be another chapter, with some more on the end but i thought WHAT THE HELL!!! Where d'you want this to go??? cos i have no idea now..... FUN! Also I'm from England, so that might be why there's weird spellings for all ye americans (or anybody else that reads it) but not the south where it's all le-de-daa i'm from the north WHERE WE LIKE OUR GRUB! AND..... STUFF!!!!!!!

Reviews are love. I love You for reading this -End Transmission-
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