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When The Day Met The Night.

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It's the morning after the big revelation :O rating for language, Enjoy!

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It was about 9 in the morning after the revelation. There were cans everywhere- Spencer and Jon had decided to go to the off-licence and buy a 24 can box of beer. The two responsible for the drunkenness were asleep on the couch snuggled into each other like two puppies, both producing mogwai-esque noises. Surrounded in a sea of alloy. Brendon was curled into the armchair under a pale green blanket, in the state between being awake and dreamland. Absent mindedly stroking the adorable kitten that had nestled in the little cavity between his legs and the chair with his eyes firmly clamped shut. A few cans surrounded him, he had only had a few more after the night's main event. Ryan wasn't asleep. He hadn't been for at least half an hour, he was sat in his bed, gently plucking at the strings on his acoustic guitar, careful not to wake anybody and softly singing a tune along to the chords that seem to float off the strings and hang in the ether.

He kept replaying last night's events in his head, he had been tipsy, but he was sure that he'd heard Spencer correctly. He knew that Brendon had, and if it had been what he thought it was, Brendon's reaction told him enough to know that Spencer was right. He wasn't sure though, He had to find out. But how? He couldn't just ask him. It was too good to be true, especially going on Ryan's track record of relationships. Or was that why they never worked? Because he Brendon and Ryan were supposed to be together, he knew that it had been a bit of a problem on his behalf when trying to build a relationship with someone else; The fact that he just wanted to hang out with Brendon and no-one else. Maybe he was over thinking it too much, He'll talk to Brendon later.

He realised he had stopped playing and concentrated on the strings and words that spilt from his hands and mouth i perfect harmony to make one of the most beautiful songs he'd ever written. He wrote it down and called it When the Day Met The Night. He felt slightly uplifted after getting the song down on paper and was urged to get up. He wanted to hear those lyrics come from Brendon's mouth, to be sang by his silky, dark, sexy voice. He shook himself mentally and jumped into the shower.

Brendon had been listening to Ryan play that beautiful song for about ten minutes, his heart aching when he stopped to write it down. He wanted to listen to it again and again. For Ryan to never stop singing. He remembered the occurrences from last night. At first he thought Jon was just tipsy and being stupid, but when Spencer decided to explain it in detail he started to wonder, What if? He noticed Ryan had stopped completely and heard the shower running and glanced at the clock on his phone, 9:24, why not get up? He peeled the pea-coloured blanket off his knees and manoeuvred himself out of the chair without upsetting the cat that had used him as a bed last night. He padded over to the Kitchenette, it was a little bigger than his, and filled the coffee machine with water. He noted the sweet smell of Ryan's shampoo floating from the bathroom and mingling with the delicious smell of fresh coffee. The result was, in Brendon's opinion, almost orgasmic. The quiet hissing of the coffee machine signalled to him the arrival of the dark brown nectar. He poured himself a cup and sat at Ryan's small breakfast bar, noting the havoc that was unleashed upon Ryan's apartment and decided that his energy needed to be spent somewhere, so why not clearing some of the mess made last night.

When Ryan emerged from his room, all clean and freshly clothed, Brendon was bent over, ass in the air, trying to fish pieces of popcorn out from underneath the chair that he slept on.

"Brendon, what are you doing?" Ryan spoke softly, making sure he didn't wake the sleeping couple on the couch.

"Fuck! Ryan can you not sneak up on people like a ninja please? and i'm trying to tidy up a bit. Whilst not waking those two up," He shook the black bag in his hand towards Jon and Spencer intertwined on the sofa.

"Oh, ok. Thanks. Wait, can i smell coffee?"

"Yes, you can. I made some before, I think I would have died without it," Brendon's over-exaggeration made Ryan chuckle as he went to pour himself a cup and watched as Brendon scurried around the room, knees bent, looking like some form of retarded crab.

"You know, i'm perfectly capable of tidying my own flat," Ryan mumbled as he crunched on a dry Ryvita, sat on the counter.

"I do know, but what else would i be doing. Probably sat on there harrassing your kitten until he attacks me. Then i'd get annoyed and moody because i have nothing to do, Then i would wake Spencer and Jon up with my moaning and eventually it'd turn all lord of the flies. All because i didn't think of tidying up this mess."

Brendon's explanation was long winded and didn't really make much sense if Ryan thought about it too hard, so he just agreed and went along.

"Now i'm hungry." Brendon proclaimed as he wandered to Ryan and tried to take a ryvita, when Ryan slid them behind his back. "Ryan, c'mon. I tidied your flat for you, you can at least let me have a flimsy ryvita."

Ryan smirked and shook his head dramatically in Brendon's face as he tried to reach round Ryan and grab them. That meant war! Brendon grabbed Ryan's waist and pulled him, Ryan grabbed the worktop and would not allow himself to be moved. Brendon tried to weaken his grip by tickling him on his sides. Ryan was extremely ticklish so let go immediately and tried to fend off Brendon's torturous fingers whilst barely being able to breath from laughter. Brendon did not ease the assault on Ryan's over-sensitive skin. Ryan tried to fight back by hitting Brendon playfully on the arms and stomach and he slowly he started to stop, uncontrollable giggles erupting from both boys mouths.

Brendon, knowing he won, reached over the counter and snatched the box of ryvita up and hopped onto the counter-top with Ryan, legs dangling just off the ground. The goofy grin on Ryan's face started to become more serious as he thought of what to say to Brendon next.



"You know what Spencer said last night?"

Brendon felt a knot in his stomach, he knew this was coming. He was expecting Ryan to say' I know it's just a joke, don't worry'. Ryan felt almost exactly the same knot tighten as Brendon opened his mouth.


The knot in Ryan's stomach clenched, he felt sick as he spoke the next words. "Well, is it true?"

Brendon was stunned, he didn't know what to say, he couldn't just tell his best friend that he thinks that he loves him. Could he? "Umm, kinda.."

Ryan thought that Brendon sounded unsure, what if he did like him and he thought that Ryan didn't like him! "I only ask, because, well.. umm."

Brendon felt the most welcome wave of relief wash over him as he realised what Ryan was struggling to say ad he pressed his lips against Ryan's.

Ryan was stumbling over his words, he didn't know what to say. Then the most gentlest of lips touched against his. He felt his anguish and worry flow out of him. This kiss wasn't like the ones that Brendon and he had shared a few nights ago. This kiss was filled with love, compassion and was it longing?

Ryan's almost-green eyes fluttered open to meet Brendon's dark, mahogany ones. He stared into them and saw the pure essence of happiness. When Brendon finally pulled his away they both knew that this had started something that was going to be nigh-on-impossible to end. Their attention was then pulled over to the couch where Spencer and Jon sat looking like two of the most smug people on the planet.

"Well Spence, I think our work here is done."



OMG THEY KISSED!!! what d'ya think? i'm quite proud of it mesel'. Jon and Spencer are really cunning aren't they..? Well i hope you enjoyed. This chapter has to be my favourite to write so far ^^ I abandoned the idea of the numbers.. it annoyed me. so yeah O.O AND IT'S LONGER!!!!!!! Happy days all round!!!!

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