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Rainbow Veins.

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The rest of the day was awkward. Brendon and Ryan didn't know what to do with themselves, Spencer and Jon had dragged them out to the Vegas Strip. They felt like it was a night of celebration. They had spent the day being pulled in and out of expensive designer shops that Spencer adored. Several times Ryan and Brendon had attempted to sneak off to 'The Little Big Music Shop' that was down one of the small side streets, each time they were caught by Jon, who had dragged them back to Spencer. They decided it was best to buy something so that they could go home. Ryan bought a scarf and a Maroon shirt, Brendon bought a pair of tight jeans that hugged his legs in a very seductive manner. Once Spencer was almost broke they were permitted to go home, although everyone ended up at Brendon's small apartment. Brendon was cleaning up the dishes that he had used the day before and didn't have time to do. Jon and Spencer had commandeered the X-Box and Ryan had picked up the book that he had started the morning after he slept there.

Jon had been killed by Spencer on some violent game and had nothing to do whilst his boyfriend killed everything in sight. " So, what are we doing to do tonight?"

Ryan looked up from his book, "What do you mean, What are we doing tonight?"

"Well, we have nothing to do, we could go out."

"Jon, do you have any recollection of what happened last night? I was going to stay in, watch a film or something," Ryan looked and felt exhausted, the past couple of days had been an emotional roller-coaster. He just wanted to eat and sleep. He wasn't even sure why he was at Brendon's. Well, he did, he just didn't want to admit it. Not yet, anyway.

Brendon had stopped scrubbing the same frying pan that he had been cleaning the last time Ryan was there and looked up from the sink, "Jon, Ryan has a point. I messed Gabe up pretty bad last night, the night before I was trying not to kill him. I'd like to just have a night off, besides three of us have work in the morning."

Jon looked a little crestfallen, but he knew they were right. "Oh, yeah. Sorry. I was just thinking, I don't know. Never mind, just forget it."

Spencer had finished the match that he was playing and saw the disappointment in Jon's eyes. "Hey, honey. It's a wonderful idea and i'm sure that if it hadn't been so emotional the past few days we would be out there like a shot." Spencer's eyes were like liquid sapphire - filled with compassion and understanding. It was almost impossible to feel reassured and loved whilst under that gaze. But, when he shot a look at Brendon it was like having frozen daggers thrown into his skull; that look was the 'I don't care if you're feeling like shit- don't take it out on Jon' look. Spencer was not happy.

Brendon concentrated on his frying pan and the bubbles that clung to the gloves that adorned his hands. He could see Ryan squirming under Spencer's gaze as Ryan tried to avoid his gaze. Spencer loved Both He and Ryan dearly, but Jon was the world to him and he hated to see any kind of pain or disappointment in his walnut eyes.

There was an uneasy quiet as they got back to what they were originally doing. Brendon wanted the quiet broken.

"Food. Who wants some?"

Jon looked at Spencer and they seemed to have some form of telepathic conversation, "I think we're going to go home, as you said before. Spence has work in the morning and I've got a presentation to prepare for work the day after. So we'll be seeing you later."

"Oh, okay. I'll see you later then," Brendon seemed slightly relieved at the fact he was finally going to get time to talk to Ryan. Just the two of them.

Ryan didn't look up from his book as Jon was talking, only did he pay attention when they got up and pulled on their coats. "Yeah, i'll see you two later as well then. Oh and Brendon, I would like some food actually, just a sandwich though."

Jon and Spencer shouted goodbye's as they closed the door to Brendon's apartment. Brendon fixed Ryan's sandwich and huffed as he sat on the couch, feet up, layed back and flicked on the TV. Ryan quietly and his sandwich, which was surprisingly good considering it was only ham salad, when he was finished he put down the book gently with an old receipt he found in his pocket as a bookmark and moved to sit on the edge of the couch. Brendon moved his legs so that Ryan could sit more comfortably.

"Brendon. Ummm," Ryan started to speak but he honestly couldn't speak. Usually talk between them was so fluid, but the current situation was so new to them.

"Ryan, Do you think this is going to work?" Brendon was shy, he was trying to make conversation.

"Why wouldn't it work?"

"Because we're best friends. What if we do get into a relationship, then we fall out. I wouldn't want risk the friendship we have for the world."

"I know, but, We have to take risks. If we take risks we get something out of it one way or another. Something great or something to learn from," Ryan was trying not to walk away right there and then. To say no, to carry on with the friendship they have. To not take risks. To wonder what if. But he had faith in what Brendon and he had. He wanted it to work. So it was going to.

That's when Ryan planted a kiss on Brendon. It wasn't like the one that morning, or the ones the other night. This one had force, like it had the power of a billion Gallifreyan moons behind it. It was like a pulse of bright colour that surged through both of their bodies. That kiss joined them more strongly than a chemical ionic bond.

It was a kiss that meant always.

Last chapter :( i ran out of ideas. I'm sad to say goodnight on this fic. T'is my first. I really hope you enjoyed it ad Brava to those who are nerdy enough to get the references in the last chapter :D geeky fun!

I must say thankk you to Katrina adams as she is the only person who has actually prompted me to do more. and another thank you to Keep-it-ugly. who also reviewed ^_^ as you made the effort for me i thought i'd show appreciation :) Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

MWAH! -End Transmission-
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