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A silver bullet

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We sit down onto the grey melted chairs, obviously alot of people get bored with fire in this lesson, mr linney starts talking about some physics thing at the front of the class by another robotic White board, all I can concentrate is the smell coming from the girl sat across from me, her browny red hair flows down her face as she concentrates nervously on the bored, she can smell me too I'm guessing, she glances at me reveal ing her bright blue eyes. As she looks into my eyes they flick green, now I'm sure she is. There must be other vampires around this area, I know I only turned frankie, and he barely looks like he would know how to turn someone,it wasnt in his diary and he wrote about everything in that book.
I grab franks soggy green physics book, why is it wet? It's not even raining out. I rip out the corner of a page and scribble down words so the girl can't see.
"she is like us" I fold the paper and put it on franks book. Bad idea. Mr linney comes storming over and snatches the paper from his book.
"maybe I should share this with the rest of the class?" some girls giggle at what he says erning evils from yours truly I look up at me linney,
"that won't be a good idea sir. Trust me." I emphasise the last to words, but he opens the note before looking down his nose at me.
"who's like you? Katie?" the girl I know now is called Katie looks at me in fear, her face turns pale, like a ghost I see her mouth at me 'please no' but I can't tell, if I told well, would be found out, frankie would be found out, we would die very quickly. 1 shot to the chest. Dead.
Sorry its very short but I wanted to update before going to Wales tomorrow, I will be back Sunday with a long update I promise :), katt x
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