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August 1st

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"hey" I hear franks voice whisper as our form tutor takes the robitic register.
"hey" I reply, I cant help but to feel horrible about what I did, if I could reverse what I did, If could turn back the world and stop my self. I was weak, I needed the metallic taste to fill my mouth, to make me fell alive. Powerful. I could of chosen a murderer, someone who was dyeing, someone who I would never see again. I fell weak with regret of killing frankie, for some reason I took pity on the stranger, I had to turn him. It was that or death, I would of been destroyed for killing a mortal, my life burnt into ashes to fertilise the earth. I would turn into a willow tree, sick and twisted in it's accient life. Ironic I would think.
Me and Frank talk for a little while, about my lessons, it turns out they are all the same, every single lesson. I relate to Frank, how he got turned, how I turned him, when I saws him leave the book I had to pick it up, I wasn't going to read it but I had to know what I had done to him, how i had ruined his life. The first entry was the day after it happened.

August 1st, 2010
I don't know what has happened to me. I remember being sat by the pond, the one I always go to, I felt a rush of cold air, like a bad soul came apon the land, then a breath on my neck, deathly cold like a winter breeze, then pain, I felt like I was being stabbed straight through my neck into my blood stream, I felt my life drain away, then warmth, I felt warmth. Arms were wrapt around me and I felt love. I Frank iero felt love. I fell dead in my attackers arms.
I am dead, I'm a spirt writting this. I'm in a coma, this is all a dream. I am breathing, without a pulse.
God help me.

He wrote in fear, confusement, in not knowing. A bell rings making me jump out of my head, end of registration.
"come on sleepy head, physics, mr linney, the worst teacher in existence, I'm not even joking, he gave someone a whole lecture once on why he doesn't email you back cause he has such a busy life and told them his day plan, another time he came in wearing a "I'm gay" belt, not that I have anything against gays, it was just funny, I guess it's not as bad as our biology teacher though peadophile on wheels, he sucked a boys nipple, in class, I was scared for my life, not even joking!" we walk down the corridors, walk out a heavy White door, past what looks like a art block, yay art! Then walk into a scary looking building known as the science block, Frank pushes me into the first classroom we come across, our physics class room, one again I'm faced with another 30 kids staring directly at me, another 30 humans pumping with blood, blood I could taste, blood that could be mine.
"hey... Um I'm gerard, I'm new here today" the tall black teacher looks at me, obviously this is to much effort within his busy schedule that Frank was telling me about and it pained him to find me a seat.
"oh um just sit next to um Frank?" I could tell he doesn't notice Frank much and most likely guessed his name as it came out almost questioning me of what his name was. I follow frank to a square table, 2 tables away from the door, with 2 girls on the table with us. A smell hits me, the smell of a vampire.
Okay this one is slightly longer which I'm happy with, Im gonna introduce the one character I have so far(Katie) thanks for reviews :) katt x
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