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35 Ghosted

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Doctor's point of view.

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“Hey all you crash queens, motorbabies, and Killjoys, we’ve successfully begun the downfall of BLI and Battery City. True, they had provided us with batteries for our guns, but we have the storehouses, so what does it matter. Even though we did win the fight, it’s never without losing some people. We lost some friends like Neon Polish, Valium Syndrome, Melodic Riot, White Fighter, Loca Lola, Iced Blast, and a number of other Killjoys that will live in the desert with us, mere shadows for us to see and remember.

“We have some good news, always good news with a little bad… Violet Rage and Party Poison are hitched, along with a whole line of young and in-love couples that couldn’t wait to get married. So, if you see anybody around the Zones happening to wear a single silver ribbon around their finger, go up to them and give them a congradulations.

“A number of Killjoy homes have sprung up all over the Zones, little houses made from the remnants of Battery City. Motorbabies are settling down, spending the rest of their days not having to run all the time.

All right children, the lights are out on BLI forever, and the party’s not over, but it’s time for me, Dr. D, to say goodbye, for a little while, and I know you’re going to miss me, so I’ll leave you with this… You know that big ball of radiation we call the sun? Well it’ll burst you into flames if you stay in one place too long. That is if the static don’t get you first. So remember, even if you’re dusted, you may be gone… But out here in the desert, your shadow lives on without you. This is Dr. Death Defying, signing off.”

And it is with further ado that I write the last words for ‘My Name is Violet Rage’. Yes, it may be here way too soon, but I believe it’s perfect timing, seeing as everything is in order and ^^^ this thing is up. I’m not one for famous last words, but…
I wanna thank everybody for reviewing, rating, and just reading in general. I could point a few people out, but why would I do that, when there’s probably a couple of other people that read but don’t say anything. I respect that in a person, seeing as I can’t keep my big mouth shut. It’s good to be quiet sometimes, which is why I’m going on a small hiatus after this. I need the break, and time to get a good start on the (you’re not knowing), time to work on other projects, time to actually write ‘Taken’ and ‘Dozen Reasons’. True, ‘My Name is Violet Rage’ has become my life, as you could go up to one of my writer buddies at school and ask ‘How much does Rachel talk about her main fanfiction?” and they would reply a simple ‘too much’, but it’s good to tread off the beaten path, to explore, to adventure on into new things.
I’m sorry it’s ending this way, but I promise, I won’t leave Ficwad after this. You might want to keep an eye on any little poem or one-shot I di, they might tide you over until the next little (heh heh, not) part of Violet’s life. What it is, I’m not telling you.
I chose to post this at midnight so I know yesterday is over.

Good luck to you all.

P.S. Don't be surprised if you see an email for this, I will be tweaking it here and there, making it presentable to the masses of Facebook (I'm planning to tell my friends about this).
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