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Just little odd and end stuff, and a notice about the prequel.

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'Ello, Fickies, haven't posted something in forever, and I will probably start now.
"But Rachel, you said a month-long hiatus in the last chapter..." Yes, I know. But do you realize how BORING my out-of-school life is without writing Violet Rage? It's gotten extremely drab, and I've found myself staring at my emails when instead I could be writing or doing homework.
Yes, I know, depressing.
So what I was going to do here was let you guys see two things...

One, I have just posted the beginnings of the prequel to Violet Rage. I have no idea what to call it, so it might be 'The Beginning of the End' for a while. That's what i originally came up with, but it doesn't really match the fiction, so it will be changed. You can see it here...

Two, I have school, which includes language arts. My teacher each week makes us do a vocabulary lesson, and within that lesson are fifteen words. For each word you do a vocabulary card. Each vocabulary card has a number of things, one of which is an original sentence using that vocabulary word. What I decided to do is write the sentences about the Killjoys, ViRa, ect. I have like twenty with me right now, and others I need to find. Here they are now (I don't know why I'm posting these, I guess I thought they were good.)
-Kobra Kid looked at me and gave me an accolade at my question for Party Poison.
-The power of accord between Kobra and I was amazing.
-The carnage of my fanfiction brought me to tears as I thought of all the hard work I had done. (Seriously, this one is true. I spent literally a month straight, writing.)
-Party Poison and Mr. Moonstruck reached concordance on who should drive the Death Machine.
-Party laughed a cordial laugh at Jet Star's one-of-a-kind joke/dumb remark.
-I looked away as my friend recieved corporal wounds fron the Draculoids surrounding him.
-I looked at my friend's ghosted corporeal spirit fly out of him into the sky, tears in my eyes threatening to spill over.
-Until BLI is destroyed, the Killjoy corps will remain strong.
-I looked at my corpulent friend Shot Fire and smiled at the drunken expression on her face.
-My corpus of fan fiction recieved many accolades. (So I think.)
-I looked at my reflection in the dirty mirror, taking in the decollete tank top and messy purple hair perched atop my head.
-"Dermatology is one of my specialties," the blue-haired doctor said over the rhubarb. (Rhubarb, on a movie set most of the time, is quiet chatter in the background.)
-Jet Star jumped when he saw the nuclear-mutated ofl snarl and grow a dorsal set of spikes.
-Shockwave Current poked the needle through Violet's epidermis, numbing her shoulder and making Party Poison gag.
-Party Poison ossified after the Dracs attacked him that first time I saw him.

...I probably scare my language arts teacher when, if, she reads these.

-"Never knew Korse was ambidextrous," Violet mumbled as Party hugged her. "Gives us more to worry about."
-Violet and Party (Yes, I did do a lot of Poisoned Rage cards) stepped into the Diner together, deflecting Korse's eyesight and line of fire.
-Violet used all her dexerity to catch up to Party in the desert, trying to stop him before he did something stupid. (More of a Shockwave Current thing than anything else... Or really Dead Memories)
-Thank god for old digital downloads, Violet thought as she slipped her headphones over her ears, turning on 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'.
-With the downfall of BLI, the Killjoys were emancipated and free to live their lives without exile.
-Valium Syndrome (you remember him? I tried to put him back in ViRa before they left for Battery City... Recognize the hair dye shop owner?) began genuflecting and praying to God, hands together and eyes looking up at the sky, as Korse pulled the trigger on his ray gun.
-"I love you, Violet," Party said, no inflection. (Anyone else wonder why Party calls Violet 'Violet' and not 'Jennifer' while she sometimes calls him 'Gerard'?)
-The manacle of rope was removed from Party Poison's red writsts, and he was free to run with a headstart into the desert before Korse came after him.
-"Here is your court mandate, Jennifer Cosby, have a nice day." (Ah, ah, ah... A spoiler of the prequel.)
-Party Poison's red hair manifested where he was going throughout the desert.
-Violet Rage manipulated her gun, shooting twenty Dracs, from a distance, between the eyes. (I like to think I'm as good of a shooter as Violet {GUILTY} because whenever I shoot my cats with the water gun, I actually hit where I planned to)
-"BLI's too rapacious," Fun Ghoul said, shocking everybody with such a big for for such a small man. (A Ghoul thing? And calling him small?)
-Violet ran up to Party, overjoyed to see him after hearing he was shot, and they shared a rapt gaze before kissing each other. (I was going to say osculating, but that sounds weird)
-Violet reflected on her old life, with her parents, normal meals, and a bed every night.
-"Killjoys are holding surreptitious meetings and should be avoided by the Battery City Citizens at all costs." (Part spoil)
-Jennifer complicitated in a plan to become a Killjoy, despite working at BLI.
-"Jennifer Cosby, are you committing duplicity by allying with the Killjoys?" Korse asked me, sitting across the table from me. (Third spoiler here)
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