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If I crash on the couch, can I sleep in my clothes?

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Frerard in highschool. Gerard is the new kid and Frank is made to show him around. What will happen? PG-13 for now

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This is my first non-one shot so please be nice and R&R. Thanks :)

'Mr. Iero, please could you report to the headmaster's office please?' Came the voice over the loudspeaker.

Frank Iero, a boy covered in many tattoos. A boy who broke curfew almost everyday, a boy who broke every school rule. That was probably why he was being called to the headmaster's office. He was either being told off for dying his hair red and black, piercing his lip, or his new customised school uniform. He had written all over his black shoes in white permanent pen and completely ruined his uniform by decoration it in band logos and other shit like that. Frank stood up and gathered his stuff and began to walk out of the room.

'See ya, fag,' A boy shouted out as Frank was leaving the room. Everyone laughed. Mrs. Jute shushed her biology class to silence.

'Mr. Iero' said Mr. Fripe, the headmaster. 'Come into my office.'

Frank happily accepted this invitation. He has seen the inside of Mr. Fripe's office many times. It didn't bother him. His mum didn't care about his school and all the trouble he got into.
Frank walked into the office and stopped dead just inside the doorway. Mr. Fripe took his seat at his desk. His office was pretty standard; his huge desk took up most of the room, a round coffee table with some comfy chairs, a few plants and a couple of pictures. But there, in the seat which Frank usually took was a boy. He had black hair which framed his face perfectly and covered his eyes which were underlined with black eyeliner. The same as Franks, except this boy had red aswell. It looked awesome. Frank felt his stomach flutter. This guy was pretty cute.

Frank's POV

'Mr. Iero, this is Mr. Way. You will be showing him around the school. I expect you to be polite,' said Mr. Fripe.

'But...,' I stuttered.

'No buts Mr. Iero, I expect you to show Mr. Way around our school,' interrupted Mr. Fripe and with that, he stood up and walked out, leaving me with this hazel eyed boy who was looking at his lap.

'Well...' I said and Gerard looked up at me, tears dripping down his face...

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