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I could get lost in your eyes

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Gerard meets Frank for the first time

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Second chapter in Gerard's POV. Enjoy! Remember R&R please :)

Gerard's POV
'Ugh,' I groaned and hit my alarm clock. It fell on the floor with a huge crash and continued to beep feebly. I stumbled out of bed and picked up my alarm clock. I threw it at the wall and it stopped beeping.

'Thank fuck for that.'

I looked around my room. My room was in the basement. The only beam of light was coming from a small window behind my bed. All my stuff was still in boxes. Waiting to be unpacked. I had other things to think about though. One of them was school.

I was starting a new school for the 3rd time this year. It was only May! I'd been kicked out of my 1st school for breaking some guys' nose. Then when I started my 2nd, my mum decided she wanted a fresh start so me, my mum and my little brother Mikey moved to this house. And now I am starting my 3rd school. I was nervous. I never seemed to fit in anywhere.

I like Iron Maiden, The Misfits, Black Flag and The Smashing Pumpkins. No one likes that music. I get called 'fag' and 'emo'. I was dreading it. The only things I liked about school were art and music. I love drawing comics and I love singing. I suck at pretty much every other subject.

'GERARD!' I heard Mikey call from the top of the stairs. 'Get your ass up now! We're gonna be late!'

'Alright, alright' I muttered to myself.

I looked in a box which my mum had labelled 'clothes' and picked out my school uniform which had somehow managed to be across my floor already and my Misfits hoodie. I went over to my dresser. Yes, I have a dresser, picked out my black eyeliner and underlined my eyes, and then I took my red eyeliner and smudged it around my eyes. I gave my messy black hair a quick rake with the hair brush and without looking in the mirror, I ran up the stairs.
As I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of toast from the table, shoved my shabby shoes on my feet whilst eating my toast, downed 2 cups of coffee in record time and ran to the bathroom. It was locked.

'MIKEY! Hurry the fuck up!' I shouted, banging on the door.

'I'm straightening my hair Gee,' I heard Mikey shout back.

'Well unlock the door so I can do my teeth please?'

Mikey unlocked the door and I brushed my teeth. Once Mikey had finished doing his hair; I kissed my mum on the cheek and ran out the door. Mikey joined me and we walked to school, both listening to my iPod which was blasting Helena by The Misfits.

We arrived at school and Mikey got sent to his classes, he semi knew his way around the school. He had gone to the preview evening whereas I had locked my door and ignored the world by turning my CD play up. I got sent to the headmaster's office.

I sat in the headmaster's office, waiting. It was pretty nice. Plants, flowers, paintings. A standard office but some of the paintings caught my eye. My thoughts got interrupted when Mr. Fripe, the headmaster, walked in with a boy short on his heels.

The boy stopped dead in the doorway, staring at me. I blushed and looked down but not before I caught him checking me out. He was pretty cute. Red and black hair that was in a style that really suited him, greenish hazel eyes which you could get lost in for hours at a time. They were underlined with black eyeliner similar to mine, apart from the fact I had red as well. He had a lip ring as well which he bit often.
He semi smiled at me and it made my stomach fill with fluttering butterflies. I was sure he wasn't gay like me so I tried not to freak him out. I gave him a half smile and looked down at my lap.

'Mr. Iero, this is Mr. Way. You will be showing him around the school. I expect you to be polite,' said Mr. Fripe.

'But....' I heard the boy stutter.

'No buts Mr. Iero, I expect you to show Mr. Way around our school,' interrupted Mr. Fripe. He stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me with this really cute boy who I was trying not to think about.
I felt tear roll down my cheek. I was scared. Scared of what was to come. Scared of facing all the bullies. Scared of facing all the people who would judge me and not accept me. Scared of what would happen between me and this boy. This boy who I had known less than 5 minuets and already had a huge crush on.

'Well...' he said.

I looked up at him with tears dripping down my face.

Ooooh, you are lucky, two chapters in one day! What will happen when Frank see's Gerard crying? Well R&R with your ideas :)
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