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meet Beau/new killjoys/first mission

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well to start off i'm Onyx iero but call me bullet proof beauty and i'm a killjoy and i'm only 18

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(bullet-proof beauty’s P.O.V)
Well to start off I’m onyx iero but call me bullet-proof beauty and I’m a killjoy and I’m only 18 and I have, well had a twin sister called Emma (blonde bombshell to other killjoys)she got ghosted when she was out on a mission with our brother frank (Fun ghoul to the killjoys) and Tia (to killjoys atomic wolf) who we made friends with when she first became a killjoy when we were 9 and she was 10 my brother was over protective over me and Emma especially because we always went places together we never left each other’s sides until gerard (party poison to the others) and my other sister Nicky (diamond desire to Dr.D and his killjoys) took me on a mission while atomic and fun took bombshell on their mission I barely remember the funeral seen as I was not aloud to go to it but I was aloud to say good bye to my twin as the make shift casket went passed pulled along by the trans am known as “the death machine” which was being driven by a tearful jet star with a remorseful sunshine sublime sitting in the passenger seat jet had found her wandering the zones with only a Hot pink ray gun with black hearts and a black nose for protection from dracs after what happened to bombshell I was not aloud out of the diner for weeks because I became suicidal, after I had said my good byes fun ghoul brought me back to the diner where I escaped to my bunk and grabbed the only marker we had and started doodling on my arms and I tried my best to do one on my back when fun caught me I asked if he could make them real for me remembering before this devastation fun had been a tattoo artist and a very good one at that but he refused as I was only 12 years old I ran back to my bunk and cried over my sister as I said I’m 15 and now I fight alongside my brother and sister and the rest of the killjoys “beau come on there are 10 dracs out in zone 4” party called I was the best shot in the group now apart from party so when we went on a mission I got sent with atomic and fun while Nicky got sent out with party and jet so Dr.D knew we were all safe because both teams had a good shooter on their team “ok party I’m coming who am I with today?” I asked as I stared out my window whilst putting my leather jacket on “hey party,” I waited until he was in the doorframe to continue “I think there are two killjoys outside get sublime for me will ya please” he just nodded he could see I knew what I was doing if it was dracs I knew to shoot on sight but if it was a killjoy then to spare them unless they worked for BL/ind then we had the right to blow their brains out,

I was snapped out of my concentration by sublime “you needed my help beau?” she said after clearing her throat she and atomic had been there for me after my sister’s death “uh…yeah I think there are two killjoys out there but I don’t wanna go alone in case their dracs” she just nodded as we made our way out the door I grabbed my sunglasses and swept my black and purple hair with them “let’s do this shizz I need sleep before our mission coz party just woke me up” sublime said as we walked towards the two figures I had seen through my window “hey you two, state your names and loyalty” I shouted as we got closer keeping my black ray gun trained on their every move sublime did the same with her hot pink ray gun “whoa calm down there we are killjoys like you two we just travel a lot I’m highway kid and this is my brother twisted traveller” the girl with Blonde hair dyed blood red underneath wearing a white kimono style dress with red trim and dragon design and Brown steam punk style boots said “ok but we have to take you back to Dr.D to get you checked out in case you guys have been in radiation infected zones” I pointed out and we guided them back to the diner “Party, Kobra get Dr.D will ya we got two killjoy travellers that have been all over the place that need checking for radiation” I shouted to the brothers mikey and gerard are the only ways left of their family just like me, Frankie and Nicky are the last of the Ieros “dia get your arse out here I’ve got something for ya” when diamond desire appeared outside the make shift medics room I wrapped my arms round her and her bright sliver hair fell over her face “what’s wrong Onny?” I was shocked no had called me that after what happen to Emma and our parents looked her in the eyes “don’t call me that please” she nodded understanding what she had done wrong “I’m sorry onyx, what is it you wanted?” I hugged her tight before reaching into my pocket and retrieving blonde bombshell’s mask and held the crumbling piece of material, pottery and string to my sister “No, onyx I can’t take this from you it was Emma’s” she pushed the tiny mask back towards me and accidentally knocked it to the floor “Onyx I’m sorry I really am… onyx why are you smiling I just broke Emma’s mask and your smiling why?” I just bent down and picked up the two pieces of the tiny green and blue mask off of the dusty floor “don’t you see Nic now you and Frankie can have a piece of Emma” I smiled she looked at me shocked “but what about you Onyx, she’s your twin after all” I just laughed it sounded laboured like I was going to cry “Nic, I still have her ray gun so I doubt I’ll forget her in a hurry” Dia D pulled me towards her when party came out of Dr.D’s medic room “beau, the girl highway kid I think she said her killjoy name was said she wanted to thank you in person for not shooting her and her brother oh and that she would like to get to know you go on get in there her personality is just the same as Emma’s oh shit sorry I forgot what day it was again didn’t I?” party said to me then realising something was up when I started crying into diamond desire “it’s ok poison, she just went to give me Emma’s mask and I accidentally broke it but she was ok with it and said that now that it was in two pieces me and ghoul could have a piece of Emma so we could never forget her” she answered Party and kissed my forehead then fun ran over “whoa what’s up with onny” Nicola looked up at frank and frowned letting him know that I didn’t want to be reminded about my twin’s nickname for me “shit sorry onyx… onyx why is there small pieces of blue and green on the floor?” I let go of dia and opened my arms to my brother who walked over to me and wrapped his arms tight around me “it’s ok onyx Frankie’s here now” I let go of him and gave him a piece of Emma’s mask “no, no, no, NO I’m not taking that from you it was Emma’s and …” I put a hand over his mouth and with the other put the mask into his hand and curled his fingers over it “I have her ray gun you and dia can have her mask then we all have something to remember her by” a tear dropped from my eye frank held me closer “shush, my little black haired baby do not cry, this is what the sad man wants if he sees you crying you better start running coz you wont win a fight with grief on your shoulders” he sang I let go of him and ran to my bunk and started singing myself one of the last songs I listened to before all ipods and things like them got destroyed,

“when you were a fall couldn’t look you in the eye, your just like a angel your skin make me cry you float like a feather in a beautiful world, I wish I was special, your so fucking special, but I’m a creep I’m a weirdo what the hell am I doing here I don’t belong here I wanna have control I wanna perfect body I wanna perfect soul I want u to notice when I’m not around your so fucking special I wish I was special but I’m a creep I’m a weirdo I don’t belong here Ohhh ohhh e ohhh run run run ruuuunnn ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn but that makes u happy whatever u want your so fucking special I wish I was special but I’m a creep I’m a weirdo I don’t belong here, I don’t belong here” I then started to cry remembering the olden days when I would listen to this song every day then highway kid came in “hey erm bullet-proof beauty are you okay” I wiped away the tears that had fallen “yeah I’m fine and please just call me beau every one else does my killjoy name is a tiny bit too long to say the full version all the time hah ha” she just nodded “yeah I just wanted to say thanks for not shooting me and my brother” she giggled slightly I just nodded “I’m sorry to hear about your twin sister” I just nodded again party must have told her I must have words with that boy just then Kobra popped his head round the corner “beau you ready, dracs zone 4” he said pointing to the front of the hideout “yeah, yeah I’m coming keep ya hair on Kobra” I giggled as I put my jacket back on, grabbed my ray gun and sunglasses then walked passed him and ruffled his hair making him groan and try to sort it out “you’ll pay for that” then I remembered highway kid “do you wanna tag along see how us lot have stayed in the same spot and most of us have stayed alive for I’d say around 6 years” she nodded and followed me and Kobra to the rest of group “okay we’ll go in four teams” party said as we joined them “Kobra, jet, dia and twisted traveller” my sister shot party a angry look for teaming her up with three boys but there were hardly enough girl killjoys to spread across our group then highway kid whispered in my ear “I wanna stay with my brother” I looked at her and nodded then motioned for her to follow me as I walked up to party and Dr.D “party, Beau needs to talk to you about the groups for the mission” Dr.D told him after I explained why me and highway had walked to the front to them party nodded and excused himself from talking to the rest of the group and pulled me aside to talk and highway followed “so what did you wanna talk about beau?” he said to me with the look in his eye he’d had every time he saw me everyone keeps thinking I’m his daughter because I wear a outfit close to his and sunglasses “well highway kid wants to stay with her brother twisted traveller is that ok Gee...Opps sorry party” he just chuckled at my mistake and then said “well, I don’t normally do this but seen as it’s you Beau...go on then as long as you stay with both them show them a few tricks from our best shot” I blushed as he playfully punched me on the arm and nodded then party continued to sort out the groups with the rest of our lot “right sorry about that there is a change in group one, it is now Kobra, Jet, Dia and Sunshine sublime, happy now Dia” my sister smiled and nodded hearing that there was now another girl in her group “group two, lethal melody, shadow star, atomic cola and agent bloody unicorn, group three, forgotten faith, Ghosted army, bullet’s embrace and massacre marionette and finally the best group, group four I’m joking we are all equal here, group four will be fun ghoul, twisted traveller, highway kid, bullet-proof beauty and me, Party poison ok let’s get going group one: follow Kobra kid, group two: follow lethal melody, group three: follow forgotten faith, and group four: follow me and bullet-proof beauty” I blushed when he made me the co-team leader for our group but I was the second best shot in the hideout “party I’ll take my motorbike is Kobra taking the death machine?” he nodded “yeah he is, is it ok if I ride with you like we did when you were little” I giggled slightly at the memory me riding on the back of party’s bike with a ray gun in hand only 6 years old and straight shooting a drac in the head “yeah sure but I’m driving” he chuckled “ok let’s get the other’s sorted out first, ok” I nodded party is the same age as my brother but the way he acts around me is more protective than a brother and more loving and slightly more caring and he makes exceptions just for me him being the same age as frank makes him 3 years older than me speaking of frank he had just climbed on his bike and getting ready to go with twisted traveller on the back and highway kid was lucky she didn’t have to share but Dia would not be happy if she saw that ‘Shimmer” was being used and it wasn’t her using her shimmer is Diamond Desire’s sliver motor bike that our brother stole of a drac for her with the word Shimmer painted on the side with metallic gold paint I climbed back on ‘winged terror’ I named my bike that when party was driving it really fast and I shot 3 dracs at high speed shooting terror through them as we went past she’s purple with black wings on either side with winged terror painted on the back in bright blue metallic paint “hey old friend, I’m thinking someone needs a new paint job”,

I whispered to my bike rubbing my had over the chipped purple paint by the handlebars that had two small ray guns glued to the top making it easier for me to shoot whilst driving “talking to the bike again Beau” my brother commented laughing “oh just shut up and drive” I laughed then my brother started singing the old rhianna song as he put his bike in drive party grabbed his gun and jumped on the back of my bike and I sped off with fun and traveller and highway following “this old things still got it ay, beau” Party commented as he watched the others disappear behind us and I just laughed then I felt him wrap his arms around me I just let him thinking he was only doing it to keep himself on the bike because the back of the seat had been shot off by my brother,

‘me and my brother thought it would be funny to ride our bikes in the dark shooting at each other, DRUNK’ I smiled at that memory then I noticed the sign for zone 3 we were about half an hour away from zone 4 “so Beau what do you think of twisted traveller” I smiled when I heard the discomfort in his voice “I don’t know he hasn’t said a word to me” he chuckled “he hasn’t said word to anyone but his sister but I managed to catch what he was saying to her, it was about you” he chuckled again and I blushed “what did he say?” I asked “that he thinks your cute and he wanted to get to know you but because someone had mentioned you being the best shot in the hideout he was scared you were gonna shoot him if he said or did something wrong” he answered with a chuckle and disgust in his voice why was he so bothered about twisted traveller liking me and so bothered about finding out if I felt the same way about him “well here we are zone 4 let’s get this over with” I sighed and we dropped the bikes behind a bush and went to find the others.
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