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NO she can't be NO...

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events take a turn for the worse when in the middle of the fight korse turns up and killjoysnaps someone but who?

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(Time lapse)

(Party poison’s P.O.V)
She’s gone no not her she can’t be gone “party I’m sorry we couldn’t find her” sun said remorsefully “no she’s not dead she can’t be she’s alive I know she is” I said near enough crying “dude she was my sister and also Nicola’s as well and Tia’s adopted sister so it’s hard on us too” fun ghoul stated with sadness, remorse and anger hidden in his hazel eyes ‘hello’, ‘hello guys can you hear me’ a small crackly voice said “beau” but she was gone, ghosted, beamed to heaven however you wanna put it she was dead wasn’t she “beau is that you?” I spoke into my radio thinking that’s where the voice came from that you please tell me you can hear me’ she said my name louder that the rest of the statement “yes beau I can hear you but where are you?” I replied ‘I’ll give you one guess the person who owns where I am, is often known as the SAD MAN!’ she spat his name as if acid was gonna come through the receiver “KORSE that bastard don’t worry beau we’ll be there soon” fun stole the radio off me and shouted down it at his youngest sibling I felt sorry for him one of his three biological sisters were dead and her twin was close to the same fate “fucking twat argh” fun screamed as he kicked the sand, twisted traveller was sat on the floor whispering something to highway kid, she just nodded atomic wolf and dia were sat on the floor as well being consoled by Kobra and jet the others had gone back to the hideout to tell Dr.D what happened flashback “Kobra behind you” she screamed fun spun round and shot at the drac that was headed for my brother but he narrowly missed it beau sprinted towards them and leaped over a falling drac that sublime had just shot I was shooting left right and centre trying to keep everybody safe that when I saw the car, the black trans am owned by the evil sadistic basterd the killjoys refer to as Korse or the SAD man the car drove a circle round Kobra, Fun and Beau atomic cola was nearby shooting at a exterminator when he was dead she started shooting at the trans am only hitting one tyre then there was a cloud of sand and a shrill blood curdling scream I recognized as Beau... no no no this could not be happening no End of Flashback

[*A/N sorry i haven't uploaded in a while i haven't had time i really haven't and i've put this chapter in party's point of view make of it what you will how does party really feel towards Bullet-Proof Beauty thank you for reading this far i will try to get quickier at getting on here it's just i've got a part time job now so it's getting tricky to juggle work and being on here and uploading ok thank you again Amy-Beth xxx
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