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plans of rescue/revelations behind the killjoynapping

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party plans to spring Beau from Bl/ind as she wakes up to dracs telling her why she was killjoynapped why was that? :S

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(Party's P.O.V)
we had all jumped into the car and on the bikes and were now heading towards battery city “fun ghoul calm down Me, Kobra kid, Atomic Cola, Atomic wolf and Diamond desire will take the south entrance, lethal melody, ABU, massacre marionette, shadow star will take the west and you, twisted traveller, highway kid and jet star will take the east let’s go” I said, dia consoling her upset yet murderous brother, when we got to BL/ind we split up into our groups and we advanced on the entrances of the building.

(Bullet-Proof Beauty’s P.O.V)
“Gah, my head” I winced in pain as I woke up to a bright white room “Fuck no” I mumbled to myself as I realised where I was then I realised I still had my radio on me “hello...hello guys can you hear me?” I whispered into the radio so the dracs didn’t hear me “beau is that you?” his worried and all familiar voice seeped through the receiver “ that you please tell me you can hear me?” I said slightly louder “yes beau I can hear you but where are you?” I felt like crying “I’ll give you one guess the person who owns where I am, is often known as the SAD MAN!” I spat his name “KORSE that basterd don’t worry beau we’ll be there soon” I heard my brother’s voice scream down the receiver after this it went blank and I fell asleep.

(Time lapse)

When I re-awoke there were five dracs standing outside my cell “what do you want with me? I asked with fake confidence “Korse wants to cause Party Poison as much pain as he can, he already got to your brother so he’s not bothered about his reactions only Party Poisons” the Drac closest to me said with a hiss coming through each time he said Party’s name but how could they cause party pain by kidnapping and possibly killing me yeah he would lose a good fighter and he once said I was like a lil sis he’d of loved to have but of course I wasn’t I was fun ghouls youngest sister but how would destroying me cause party any harm or pain weren’t they better off kidnapping Kobra even though I knew it was harsh to think that but they wouldn’t succeed if they used me to get to him coz they had actually got to my brother and possibly my sister and tia(yeah she is like a sister but if I started calling her sister I wouldn’t feel right with myself) I just slumped to the floor trying to sleep again awaiting my brother’s and party’s daring rescue.

(Fun Ghoul’s P.O.V)
I was surprised when Party went on an emotional freak out about my sister and my youngest one at that “dude she was my sister and also Nicola’s as well and Tia’s adopted sister so it’s hard on us too” I said feeling the sadness remorse and Anger I tried to hide behind my hazel eyes but Party saw right through me just like I saw right through his ‘I swear fun I only see you sister as family and nothing else’ speech though I hadn’t been able to say which sister I was on about so for all I know he could have been talking about Nicola, when party tried to look away from everyone I noticed him shed a small tear showing me that he did care about Onyx more I thought in the first place

(small time lapse)

After I had a freak out at the radio because Onyx had just used hers to contact us I was smiling when I first heard her voice but then I heard that she was in BL/ind headquarters and I got pissed off then dropped the radio and I was the first one in the car when we got there we split up into our teams and snuck into the entrances “Fun are you okay you seemed a bit pissed off towards Party is everything okay apart from Onyx being held hostage here I mean?” Jet asked he was always the caring one not that the rest of us didn’t care its just jet cared enough to take sublime in outta the desert “yeah jet I’m fine I just have a suspicion that party likes onyx more than he is letting on he does you know what I mean?” I said he nodded “yes and I also know that you sound like a teen age girl from a chick flick” he chuckled silently I punched him lightly on the arm “shut up we need to find my sister” I said with a urgent tone to my voice me and jet led twisted traveller and highway kid through winding corridors when we heard talking I looked around the corner keeping everyone else back and saw Party and his group talking about onyx “I really care for her y’know but I know fun will kill me” I frowned he was worried about what I thought well what I think is that if he makes her happy and she makes him happy then I was okay with it “how do you know fun will kill ya?” Kobra asked his brother “he’s right Frank only cares about our happiness if he knew that she was happy knowing you liked her in that way and she wanted to be with you because it made her happy he would be fine with it Party you should just tell him how you feel about Onyx” Atomic Wolf said then placed her hand on Party’s shoulder making him stop “yeah party tell me how you feel about my Sister” I said with a fake serious face on to try and scare him it worked “well I-I I like her F-fun I like her a lot” he stuttered I chuckled “you sound like a 5 year old telling their mom about a girl they met at pre school” I laughed my face cracking “so your not gonna beat the shit outta me for liking your youngest sister” I shook my head “she’s 18 Gee she can make her own decisions” I said and we carried on walking guns raised in shooting position.
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