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Every Second That You Take To Fake Your Life

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Amanda and Frank are both at the same college and hate each other. Things change, but will Frank be enough to save her? (Promise the story's better than the summary. Please read? xo)

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Disgust washed through my body as I stared blankly into the reflection before me. My pale hands clutched at the seemingly protruding stomach. Grimacing, I pulled my aqua tank top back over the exposed flesh, all the while attempting to pretend I didn't see the fat, the love handles, the general ugliness. Adjusting my jeans a bit, I walked towards my dorm room door and out into the hallway.

"Amanda, hey!" boomed a deep voice. "Where are you going? We don't have class for another hour."
"Oh, hey Matt. I was just thinking about going for a walk. Y'know, clear my mind a bit."
"Naah, c'mon Amanda. Hang with us. We're on our way to Chloe's dorm. Getting ready for the party tonight." Matt replied in a pleading tone as he grabbed my arm and pulled me harshly in his direction.

As I was attempting to catch my balance, I stumbled over a foot and crashed face first into a soft black hoodie. Strong arms balanced me as I backed away, my face red with embarrassment. I looked upward into soft brown eyes that seemed to grow cold as he realized who just fell into him. He pushed his golden brown and blonde dreadlocks out of his face before preparing for the yelling match about to come.

"HEY MIDGET! Watch where the hell you're going!" Matt taunted, shoving the short boy against the wall.

"Well, for starters, the name's Frank. I'm too tall to be legally considered a midget." He said in a smug and mocking voice. "And if I'm not mistaken, your little whore fell into me." Frank calmly stated as he took a defensive stance.

Matt's face grew crimson as he searched his thick brain for the words he wanted to say. "You know, fag, you better watch yourself around here. I kicked your ass everyday in high school, and I can sure as hell do the same now. You're a freak. A fucking joke. Now get the hell outta my sight."

As Matt and I pushed past the short, dreadlocked boy, my eyes connected with his. A small, reassuring smile snuck past my lips, but all I saw in him was pure hatred. Why? What did I do to deserve this? I sighed as I continued walking. This had been happening almost daily for the past month. My first few weeks at university, and I already had enemies. How the hell did that happen? Back in high school I was a nobody. Never bullied, but never popular. People simply didn't know who I was. Then, on the first day in residence, my roommate introduced me to her twin brother, Matt. Sarah and Matt were both the exact opposite of me. Athletic, popular, superior. I knew from the first day that I hated them. But who else did I have at my new home? With my choice practically made for me, I faked happiness when I spoke to them, changed my clothes, my hair, my whole personality, really.

On the third day, I had run into a boy in the library. His oversized headphones were blasting one of my favourite songs - Attitude by the legendary Misfits. His head was down, thoughts buried in a small book, and my eyes were glued to my phone. We didn't see each other, and collided head on. Thinking back, it's almost like a movie scene. The boy and girl run into each other and fall to the ground. As the boy helps the girl up, they gaze into each other's eyes and fall hopelessly and madly in love.

Yeah, well this isn't quite the movies, and my story doesn't go like that. What really happened? Frank shyly apologized and reached his hand out to pull me up. Out of nowhere, a thick, muscular arm collides with Frank's chest, sending him flying backwards. Matt, my new "friend" had pushed Frank as far away from me as possible.

"Amanda, you DON'T want to associate with him. He's a freak. Always has been, always will be."
Frank glared at me before retracting his hand and storming off.


Hmm, maybe starting a story. Tell me what you think?
PS. I promise good drama's coming up. xo
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