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These Bones Are Mere Accesories

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"To endings, and new beginnings." Blaze thought to herself as they drive out of the only place she's ever known. "I guess this is what I've always wished for.." Be careful what you wish for..

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A/N hey so, this is my first fan fiction! I have no idea where this is going so it should be interesting. It's kind of just my own little fantasy.. I dunno. Haha. Maybe I'm just totally unorganized to not have a plan. Maybe I'm totally insane. Maybe it will free me....
Oh yeah, I don't own my chemical romance either so, please don't sue. Kthanks. OH and title credit goes to Envy On The Coast, Gift Of Paralysis.
kay so, enjoy. (:

I’m in the car, moving away from the one and only place I have ever lived. The only place where I ever made friends, enemies, and promises.  I guess this is what I’ve been wishing for my entire life, but then again, it’s what I have had nightmares about. I’ve always wanted to travel, to get out of stupid Cape Cod where I’ve spent my entire life. I don’t understand why people want to come vacation here. There’s just sand, sand, sand, sand--and clay.  I guess the people who’ve never seen an ocean before want to come here. But that’s all I’ve ever seen, so now ocean is just… overrated. I will miss it though, I know. The ocean, maybe not for awhile.  But my friends. I will miss my friends the most. My two friends, that is. Everyone else I could care less for, but Aidan and Zoe, they made it worthwhile.  
The quiet little town I lived in. It was boring, but it was the only thing I ever knew. We just passed the sign saying we are now in New Jersey. Not much longer 'till we get to Belleville, then school starts. Oh this should be fun. 

at the house

We pulled up to the house around noon-ish. I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my thrown, as the princess of Belleville. I sighed. Not even Fresh Prince references could cheer me up. I tried to look at it in a optimistic way, but it wasn't really working. I'm really shy so making new friends will be hard. My brothers got into the house first so they got to pick their rooms. They got the good rooms, that leaves me with the basement. Shit. Oh well, whatever. At least I finally have the privacy I never had in my old house, where you could hear everything through the walls and vents. I house was much nicer than my old house; four bedrooms (not including the basement :P) two bathrooms, a room for Billy's (my older brother, 17) drums and guitar-- SOUNDPROOF room, that is, and an attic, that i'm thinking of checking out later. Oh and the basements cement, so my bass won't be heard and I can play my music loud. So basically, my moms dream house. Even has a window over the sink in the kitchen which she's always wanted. Oh and I won't have to hear Billy's loud feet stomping up and down the stairs everyday. I swear, that boy stomped on those stairs with all he's got! My room was right at the top of the stairs, and his was next to mine. I could even hear him walking around in him room! But that's not because he stomped.. So plus for everyone, I guess.
Later on that day
FINALLY finished unpacking everything. But the house still seems so empty. It's not filled with sixteen years of cherished memories like my old house was. It's only filled with a few hours worth of memories, and terrible ones! Unpacking sucks. I dropped my keyboard on my toes, stepped on a tack, an tripped over boxes-- three times! I sighed. Maybe I was just being melodramatic. Iron Maiden's song Superman snapped me out of my thoughts, signaling Aidan was calling. 
"Hey Aidan!" 
"Whats up?"
"Nothin much, are you there yet?"
"yep, just finished unpacking."
"Cool! What's it like there?! What are the people like? Are there really more hobos there than here? Seen any dead bodies? What about bats?ooo! Does it smell?" 
"I just finished unpacking!"
"Oh, right. I was just testing you and just so you know, you lost the game." 
"No. I won the game." 
"OH COME ON-... Blaze?" I didn't answer. "Blaaaze?"
"...bye Aidan." I snapped my phone shut and laughed. I heard a ping an looked at my phone to see a text from Aidan. 
you sneaky bastard! I'll get you next time! This isn't over! 
"Of course it's not." I said to myself. knowing Aidan, we could "argue" for an hour until one of us cracks, saying "this isn't over," then whoever  cracked, the other would taunt and say something along the lines of "No, you don't really have to go you just don't want to admit defeat!" then that would provoke the other and so on... Ahh best friendship. Nothing like it. 
I decided to take a walk and see some of Belleville, while it's still light out. 
"Hey mom, I'm going for a walk, okay?" I yelled into the kitchen.
"Finished unpacking?"
"Good job!" I rolled my eyes at her comment. "Take one of the boys with you!"
"Mom, I'm 16. I don't need them to babysit me! Plus Billys still unpacking and Shayne's talking to Rose!" Rose is his girlfriend back on cape cod. "Like they'd want to go anyways." 
I heard my mom sigh. "Got your phone on you?" I nodded. "Be back by six." I thanked her and ran out the door, converse hitting the pavement with a smack. 
It was five, so I had plenty of time to explore. 
After a little while I came to an empty playground. I sat on the swings and rocked myself back and forth with my feet. I looked down at the ground. This is what it's gunna be, huh? Spending my life alone, on a playground. I guess that's life anyways, a lonely playground. I felt eyes on me, so I looked up. I saw a boy around my age, maybe a few years older, sitting under a tree with a sketch pad, looking at me. He had messy black hair down to his shoulders, a small, pixie like nose, and hazel eyes, from what I could see. He had a denim jacket on and black jeans. I smiled at him, and he half-smiled back, then looked back down at his sketch pad. I checked my watch. It was 5:40. Probably should start going back. I cautiously looked back over a the mysterious boy. He peeked up through his hair at me, then looked back down. I wonder what he was drawing.

Gerard's P.O.V.

I didn't know what to draw. This was weird, considering I always have inspiration to draw. I just sat there, letting my mind wander, when a girl, maybe my age or a bit younger, walked over and sat on the swings, swaying back and forth. Her pale skin contrasted
Her somewhat messy black hair. She had side bangs that almost covered her  thick rimmed black glasses. Her glasses somewhat blocked her big eyes. I'm not sure what color they were because they were cast down, focused on the ground. She had on ripped jeans, faded red converse and a cool blue jacket with patches on it. She mustve felt me staring aat her cuz she looked up, right at me. I noticed she had olive green eyes. She smiled. I kind of smiled back and looked down at my paper. I knew what I was going to draw. I glanced back up. She looke to be in deep thought. I stared at my blank piece of paper. I peeked up once again at her, only to see her getting up from her swing and walk away, still in deep thought. I wonder what she was thinking about.
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