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Friends? ...yeah, friends! Pt. 1

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Blaze's first half of the day goes pretty well. Even shocked herself by making some friends, and warming up to them fast! What will the next half hold?

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A/N hey guys. Its 12:30 here. Sorry if this chapters crappy. Nothing spectacular really happens.... YET! Dun dun dun! So tell me if you wanna read more, so I can write more and have it up faster! (: either way, thanks for reading guys. Means a lot. xocherry

I groaned as I got out of bed. First day of school, yippee. I just couldn't wait to meet the other students. hopefully they're not worse than the kids back on the cape... I thought. I wasn't intensely bullied at my old school.. Mostly just ignored. Given weird looks, looks of discust. There was an occasional "emo" or "weirdo"  said at me.. I say 'at me' because it was never actually said to me. Every now and then I would say something or do something and someone would say "you're weird," In a discusted manner. I would just smile at them, because it didn't really bother me.  
I didn't know what to expect out of this school. I guess I'd have to wait and see.
in school
I walked into Belleville High totally unsure of myself. About everything.
 I walked into the main office. There was a lady sitting at the desk furiously typing at her computer. When I realized she wasn't going to notice me unless I make her notice me, I hesitantly spoke up. 
"Uh, hi, I'm Blaze Braehm. I'm new...." 
She looked up from her computer and smiled. "I'll print out your scheduale and a map." She clicked away at her computer and her printer made some unhealthy crunching noises. She handed me two papers with a smile and a "Have a good first day!" 
geez I hope everyone is like that! I thought to myself. Looking down at my map, I walked out the door. That wasn't a good idea. I walked right into somebody who turned around and with a discusted look said, "Watch where you're going, idiot!" and walked alway. I sighed. This was going to be a long day, I could tell. I looked down at my map once again, trying to find where my locker is, when I walked into someone else! But this time I fell! He turned around and saw my situation. I was embarrased, but laughed and shook it off. He lightly laughed and stuck out a hand to help me up. I took it gladly, then realized it was the boy from the park. 
"Sorry about that," he giggled. "You should watch out, you might bump into the wrong person next time!"
"I know, I kind of figured that out earlier.." I motioned back where I bumped into the other kid. He laughed again. "Hey, didnt I see you at the park yesterday?" he asked. 
I nodded. 
"Are you new? I've never seen you around." I nodded again. "Dont say much, do you?" he asked. I smiled sheepishly and shook my head.  
"We'll have to change that." he grinned. "I'm Gerard, by the way." he stuck out his hand. 
"Blaze." I said, shaking his hand. 
"Nice name!" 
"Thanks!" I said, smiling sheepishly again. 
"Need help finding your locker?" he offered. 
"uhh, yeah. Thanks." 
"No problem," he said looking down at the map. "Your lockers next to my brother's. Don't worry, he's a pretty cool guy," He reassured me. "Its just down here," Gerard pointed and started walking. When he got to it, He banged on it twice while turning to me. 
"Here you go!"
"Thanks!" I smiled and started to put my stuff in. 
"Hey Mikey!" Gerard called out to someone approaching. 
"Hey!" The boy said back. He got over, glanced at me and opened the locker next to me. I guess that was Gerard's brother. He was tall and lanky, very thin. He had very angular features, eyes sunk in. His hazel eyes were more brown than green, hidden behind glasses low on his nose.  
"Mikey, Blaze. Blaze, my younger brother Mikey. She's new." 
"Hey," Mikey said shyly. 
"Hi," I said back, equally as shy. Gerard rolled his eyes. 
"You guys have such a way with words!" 
I grinned and went back to putting my stuff in my locker. "Oh I know."
"What grade are you?" Gerard asked.
"Oh cool! You're in Mikey and Franks grade!" 
Mikey smiled at me. 
"Franks our friend." Mikey added. I nodded in recognition. 
"What classes do you have?" I asked them both. 
"I have Mrs. Deanna for homeroom," Mikey said, reading off a paper. 
"Me too!" I grinned. He looked up and grinned back. 
Gerard looked over at my paper. "You have art with me, science with Mikey and Frank.." he raised an eyebrow. "AP History and AP Literature?"
I blushed. "Yeah...historys really boring though." 
"With you on that one!" the brothers said at the same time. I laughed as they looked at each other suspiciously. 
"So you have history with Ray, Literature with Frank and Bob, and PE with all of us. Cool." 
The bell rang. 
"See you in art!" Gerard waved and walked away. Me and Mikey stood in silence.
"So.. What's this school like?" I asked Mikey, as we started walked towards our homeroom. 
"Well, I don't want to taint your innocent view on it, but I can't lie..." 
"Is it really that bad?" 
"Uhh, well.. Yeah. Pretty much." 
I laughed shyly. "Well at least your honest. I wouldn't want it sugar coated." 
"Good!" he laughed. 
"Why is it so bad?" I asked, curious.
"Well, most of the teachers are mean, but they don't care what you do. Some of them do, though. And the kids are worse. They'll call you names because you're different. Because you don't like the things they like. Because you have glasses." he looked down at the last one. We walked a few more steps in silence, until I broke it.
"I'm sorry, Mikey. I was picked on, too. I know how shitty it feels." I said awkwardly. 
He looked up at me and smiled timidly. 
"We're here." he said, opening the door for me. We walked in and I absent mindedly walked to the back of the room. 
"MIKEY!!" a short guy, probably my height, yelled to Mikey and came over and hugged him with one arm.
"Heyy Frank!" Frank had a short, black Mohawk with The front part slicked down and curved at the end, framing his square-ish face. The black contrasted the red on either side. He had big, hazel eyes that were rimmed with thin eyeliner. I noticed a shiney loop hanging out of his lip. I've always wanted a lip ring, but my parents wouldn't allow.    
I sat down in a random seat in the back. Frank walked up to me after he finished talking with Mikey. He put his hands on the desk and came close to my face.
"I think you're in my seat, punk." 
I narrowed my eyes, pretending to be confused. "I think you're breathing my air, punk." I replied, boldly. I was surprised at myself. Frank narrowed his own eyes, then burst out laughing. "I'm Frank. Don't worry, I was just messing with you. But I don't think you'd need to worry.." he grinned and offered a high five. I slapped his hand and looked over at Mikey. He looked at me surprised. I grinned at him shyly. 
"So Blaze, where ya from?"
"Ohhhh. How's it up there?"
"Uhh, cold." 
"I could imagine. So how do you know Mikey here?" he gestured to Mikey.
"My lockers next to his." 
"...You don't say much, do you?" 
I smirked. "Thats the second time anyones said that to me today." 
Frank laughed. "We'll have to change that."
 I giggled. "Thats what Gerard said." 
Frank giggled. He had a light, almost girlish laugh. It was funny, and contagious. "Wait, how do you know Gerard?" 
"I kinda walked into him earlier today while looking for my locker..."
Frank giggled again. "Join the club! That's actually how I met him! Except it hurt. I get hurt every fucking day!" I giggled. "Hey! It's not funny!" Frank said, trying to be serious. I giggled again. "It kind of is.." Mikey said. "Stay out of this, Michael!" Mikey laughed. "Oh you think it's funny now?" Frank started to tickle him. "You think it's funny now?" 
"Frank! Frank, stop! Stop! Okay! It's not funny!" Mikey said through his laughing fit. I giggled as Mikey recovered from Franks tickling outburst. Frank raised an eyebrow. "You want some, too, punk? Huh? You want some too?" Frank started towards me.
 I put my hands up infront of me and laughed. "No, no no! I didn't laugh! It wasn't funny!" 
Frank smirked and backed off. "Thats what I thought. This girl knows her stuff, Mikes." Frank looked at Mikey and gestured to me. 
The teacher finally walked in. 
"Welcome back, i hope you had a safe summer, blah blah blah. Let's cut to the chase. I'm Mrs. Deanna. I'll be your homeroom teacher. You're not getting off easy in my class. That especially goes for anyone who has science with me, also. Let's take attendance." As she started to take attendance I leaned over to Mikey. "Please tell me we don't have science with her..." I closed my eyes as my Mikey checked his papers. He sighed. "Yeah. We do." I groaned. Mikey leaned over to Frank. "Guess what lovely lady we have for science?" 
Franks eyes widened. "Oh god no." 
I nodded. 
"Blaze Braehm?" The teacher called out. I raised my hand and put it back down after she saw it. She looked at me expectantly. "If you can breathe, you say 'here.'" she said coldly.
"Here..." I said back.
"What crawled up her ass and died?" Frank whispered to me. 
"Frank Iero?"
He paled, probably afraid she heard him. 
"Frank, attendance?" I whispered, reminding him she was just taking attendance. The color came back into his face.
Mikey smirked at him. Frank saw and hit his arm playfully. "Thats not funny! I thought she heard! I thought she was going to murder me!" Frank scowled. Mikey and I giggled at the pouting Frank. I was warming up pretty quickly to them. 
The bell rang again, signalling the end of homeroom.
"See you in Science!" I said to them, excited for art. I hoped I had a good art teacher. One that wasn't all about perfection and doing right, like my last one. I was one of the first people in the room, the first being Gerard, who was sitting in the corner with the window. The art room was amazing. Half was windows, looking at the little meadow and sunk in pond. I took a seat next to him, facing the window. 
He smiled. "Hey, how was homeroom?" 
"My teachers kind of an ass.." I replied. 
"Mrs. Deanna? Oh there's no kind of about it. I had her last year. Tell her you're friends with me and you'll automatically be on her bad side. She loves Mikey, on the other hand." 
"My sixth grade teacher was sort of like that. She picked favorites and I was never one of them," I remembered. 
"Luckily, Ms. Saeden isn't an asshole. She's actually pretty cool." Gerard said, refering to our art teacher. 
"So how art teachers are suppose to be?" I hoped.
"Yeah, exactly." 
Kids started filling in, though none sitting near us. Ms. Saeden came in and started searching her cluttered desk for something. She was young, in her early thirties with flowing brown hair and warm honey eyes. She seemed to give up on looking and clapped her hand together. 
"Welcome back, everyone! You probably know who I am, considering my names on your scheduals. But leave off the 'Ms.' please. It's unrelatable and unneeded. I would have you guys call me Kayla but the school doesn't allow students to call their teachers by their first names." She did seem pretty cool. I liked her. "So, i trust you're all here, plus I lost the attendance sheet....."  her eyes wandered to her desk again. "Moving on! So today, just paint whatever you want. I don't give a crap. Just no sexual content or extreme violence. Or anything else innapropriate. You know the drill. In my class, anything goes." 
I was impressed. "Youre right, she is pretty cool." 
"I usually am," he said, flicking his hair in a diva-like manner, getting paint on his face. I laughed as he itched the spot of paint, only to smudge more on. He got up to get more paint, still oblivious to the smudge on his face. 
I sat there for a minute, letting my mind wander about what to paint. I finally got an idea and picked up a brush, letting the brush go where it pleases only with my slight direction.  
Time passed quickly, and before I knew it i was just finishing up, fixing little things here and there. Perfection never mattered to me in my art. It wasn't about perfection, it was mainly to get a feeling across and to get my emotions out. 
I put my paintbrush down, finally satisfied. I looked over at Gerard to see him staring at my painting like I painted the ugliest thing in the world.  I waited for him to say that I was weird or messed up. I didn't need the approval of others. 
"Thats amazing." Gerard said, looking at me. I stared at him, shocked, and looked back at my painting. It was a coffin, riding on almost black waves. The sky around it different shades of pink. There was a single rose placed on the coffin. I wasn't all that talented. I just had good ideas. what is he talked about... I thought. I looked at him, clearly confused. 
"No, really. That's awesome," he said again. 
"Uhh, how?" I asked, sincerely curious and confused. 
"It just is. The feeling it gives off, like the coffin. Whenever people think of coffins, they think of someone dieing Coffins equal death, death equals sadness. The black water; when people think of black they think of like dark and dreary, depression. So black equals sorrow. But the sun! It's not even in the picture, but we know it's there because the pink sky. Sun equals engergy, life. When people think of this orangy pink they think of hope and joy. And the rose just ties is all together. Roses are both dark and light. They can equal love and sadness at the same time." 
I stared at him in sheer amazment. I wasn't a very good painter, but e saw through that into what was behind it. "Thats.. Wow... Exactly how I hoped it would come across." I laughed, still amazed. 
He laughed. "Well you accomplished what you set out for! Thats why I love it."
"Can I see yours?" I asked. He hesitantly turned his towards me. It was beautiful. It was a innocent looking little girl, with big blue eyes and long, ratty black hair. She one of those masks that dentists wear over her mouth. Her dress was old, and from a different time period. It was blood stained. In her outstretched hand she offered a flower, a rose to be exact. The prickers pinched her pale skin. She looked life like, beautiful.
Gerard looked down, almost like he was ashamed.
"" I was at loss for words. "She's beautiful!" 
Gerard looked up. "Seriously?" I nodded. "Most people find my art disturbing. Hell, it is disturbing!" 
"Yeah, but that's what makes it beautiful. A blood-soaked little girl offering a flower.. Chilling, but in a good way. In a powerful way..." I replied. 
He smiled. "Thanks." 
The bell rang. 
"See you at lunch."  
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