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Shadow's In The Night

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White goes into Castelia City looking for fun, but what happens when she meets a Shadow?

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The world was full of romantic gestures and such between two people. Holiday’s were created, people give gifts, and some even unite to be one, just to show their love. I didn’t want love. I wanted change, something new and carefree. I wanted to feel dangerous.

I guess that’s why I fell into bed with the first male to set eyes upon me. I was walking around Castelia City before nightfall. Everyone knew if they wanted some action they should go to Narrow Street, and that’s where I went.

My name is White; I’m 23 years old and very petite. My legs are long and smooth, my short shorts can make anyone jealous of my butt, and my long brown hair complemented my beautiful face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not absolutely beautiful but I’m up there.

“Hey baby!” A biker man whistled at me, a cigarette resting between his lips.

“Whats up?” I said, smiling brightly. I’m not just going to let any dude get in my pants.

“Not much, pretty lady! Lemme park my bike and we can go /chill/!”

“I’ll pass…” I said slyly, passing him up and walking farther down the alley. I heard him snort; mad that he got dumped before I even gave him a chance. My hands were shoved in my pockets as I leaned against the alley wall. Men walked by, checking me out. None of them fit my standards. Except one.

A white haired man, possibly three years older than me, suddenly appeared. He was tall, well muscled, and had beautiful gray eyes. All he wore was black colors. Once he caught me looking at him he was immediately interested in me.

In a simple second he was in front of me, well muscled arms trapped me in place as he had his hands against the wall. “Whatsss your name?” He hissed into my ear. It was muffled and dark sounding through the fabric.

“You can call me White.” I whispered, putting my hands on his shoulders in a flirty manner.

“Come.” His black gloved hands stroked my cheek and then grabbed my wrists. He pulled be off of Narrow Street and took me to the closest hotel. Once we were checked in he led me into the room. Before I could even hear the door click shut he had my pinned against the wall.

His face nuzzled my neck and I moaned. My hands flittered up to his neck, hoping to pull the mask off so I could get some mouth action.

“No…” The white haired male growled, grabbing my hands. “Not now…”

I was panting; excited by the dangerous feeling he gave me. “Whats your name…?” I asked.

“You can call me Triad.” He whispered, mocking me from before.

“Hmm, strange name…”

“Ahh.” He mumbled, ripping my jacket off of my shoulders. Triad gripped my hips, making me yip quietly, and then threw me onto the cheap mattress. He whipped his own sleek, black jacket off, throwing it to the ground. Then, he climbed over me.

“How do you expect to do anything with that mask on?” I asked, bravely lifting my hand to stroke the skin not covered by the black fabric.

“I have my waysss…” His husky voice made me shiver. Yes, it was very sexy sounding.

His fingers pulled at my black vest, he pulled me up so it would slip off. Casually, he tossed it to the ground. While his longs fingers stroked up and down my collar bone I ripped at his black shirt. Once it was off I couldn’t help but marvel at his chest. So smooth and defined, my fingers stroked every crevice. The muffled groan that escaped his mouth made me wish more that he would take off that mask.

The black shirt slid off of his muscled arms and onto the small pile that would soon grow. He was sitting over me as he slid my shirt over my head. I could sense the grin he had once he saw my skimpy purple bra. I wasn’t ashamed or nervous; this is exactly what I was prepared for.

“You like?” I whispered in a throaty voice while biting my lip.

“I want more…” He growled, leaning down to nuzzle my collar. I could feel his hot breath through the fabric. We both clawed at my shorts, finally ripping them off. I was wearing matching panties that complemented my shape very well. I bet he was drooling behind that mask.

“Come and get it…” I smirked, leaning up to wrap my arms around his neck. My thighs rubbed against his jeans and he instantly got the hint. He let go of me and smoothly took his off. They feel into the pile while he fell on top of me.

His silky black boxers rubbed against my upper thigh as he sat up. His fingers trailed along the valley between my breasts and then finally under my bra. I moaned as he suddenly squeezed. My moan made him react even more now. Triad didn’t even bother to unhook my bra, he just straight up, ripped it off.

“Oh!” I shrieked. His cold, gray eyes drank me in. The blush that crossed my cheeks seemed to make him more aroused.

“Oh hell… You look ssso appetizing…” He moaned, still taking in my body.

“Come eat me up…” Triad’s eyes widened at my challenge, but he accepted it. Leaning down, he nuzzled my neck. I slowly reached up and carefully began to remove his mask. Triad didn’t refuse, he actually placed his hands a top of mine and guided me.

I couldn’t describe how beautiful his face was. It looked as if gods carved it from stone, absolutely mouthwatering. Triad placed both of his hands on either side of my face. He leaned down and brushed his lips over mine.

It felt so sweet, no, I didn’t want sweet. I wanted something dangerous. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around his neck and forcefully pushed him against me. My tongue explored every crevice of his wonderful mouth. His tongue met my own and began to lick.

I moaned his mouth, making him react. We both instantly wanted more. Triad growled and ripped my panties off of my body. I vigorously did the same to him, groaning with pleasure as I saw his /package/.

“Theresss no running away now…” He warned, grinning. His glinting white teeth made him look perfect. Wait, he already was.

“I don’t plan on it.” I whispered, arching my back. I was ready for this, for, it was all I wanted. Falling back onto the bed, I waited.

Triad lifted my leg so it was on his shoulder. Fiercely, he thrusted into me. I moaned loudly, clenching my teeth. “/Oh!/” My nails dug into the side of his back, making him grunt even louder between every fluid movement he made. I unlatched my nails from his flesh and gripped the sheets, panting for more.

Triad pinned his hands over my wrists, trapping me under him. He kissed me roughly and then sloppily kissed my neck. We both swayed to the movement of his pounding. His slick tongue licked my neck, just like a snake. Then, he bit me, licking over the teeth indents. I was panting and swaying my hips with him.

“T-Tri… Triad…” I moaned, shivering as the electric shocks shot through my entire body. “OH!” I screamed, digging my fingers into the sheets. I started to thrust with him, trying to get the best feeling possible. Triad enjoyed my screams; he would lick my neck after each one.

Finally we both climaxed, he moaned, filling me with his seed. Then, fell next to me. We were both shivering with the aftershocks of the great thing we just did. Sweat dripped down my forehead while I tried to steady my breathing.

He rested his arm over my bare stomach, pulling me to his side. I turned my head away from him as he began to kiss and suck my neck. I couldn’t help but moan again.

“You were fantastic…”
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