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Chapter 2: Gods Among Men

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Only a few fans get the chance of a lifetime...

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Trinity wasn’t sure whether she’d lose her voice or her mind first. Either way, she would be would be happy to give them up since both would be caused by what was so far being the greatest night of her life.
The concert had been amazing from the very beginning. After finding the hottest man she would ever see in her lifetime and maybe in the next few, more fans arrived making the crowd huddle together tightly. In turn, Trinity felt safer and more alive than before. The band came onstage a few minutes later and immediately got into the show with a loud female scream playing over the speakers to signal the start of “Scream.”
Between singing and screaming, Trinity was sure her throat would be sore in the morning but she couldn’t care less. Not when Syn, Zacky and Johnny were so close to her and especially not when M. Shadows was a few inches within her reach. She was about to groan in disappointment when the show was over when Mariana reminded her of their passes and the two rushed through the audience, toward the backstage doors.
They passed a menacing security guard who checked their passes and purses before letting them in and made their way down a busy hallway filled with stage hands who were packing up all of the equipment.
Trinity couldn’t help but touch one of Zacky’s guitars as a stage hand walked past her with it.
The two girls were beaming with happiness as they passed the open dressing room doors of the backup singers and dancers. But they were working their way to the best part of the night.
Finally, they reached the end of the hallway, just before they got to the stage. On their right was a single door with a simple sign that read “headlining artist” and under that, a death bat was taped to the door. Trinity and Mariana glanced at each other and smiled before knocking.
Laughter was heard through the wooden door along with several muffled voices and the sound of glass bottles clinking together. Then, the door opened and before them stood Zacky Vengeance in all of his 5’8” glory.
He held a beer in one hand as he leaned on the door in a casual style that the girls were expecting but were still in awe of. He wore a Jack Daniels shirt that all of his fans had gotten used to seeing him wear and his usual tight black jeans. His red bow tie was untied and hung from his neck unevenly. His lip ring moved with his lips as he spoke.
“Hey, how’s it going? You guys fans?” His eyes moved briefly to give them a quick look over before they focused back on their faces.
“Yeah,” Trinity said, shocked at the calm and friendly tone she was speaking in despite the fact that she wanted to scream. “We won backstage passes from the radio and we were hoping we could meet you guys.”
“Sure. It’s cool.” He took a swig of beer and stepped back, pulling open the door wider, letting the girls look into the dressing room.
Inside the room were a couple black leather couches which the band members and their significant others occupied. They were all either holding beer or water bottles, all of them very comfortable with each other.
Trinity and Mariana walked inside, their steps a bit slower than usual since they were so nervous.
Zacky stood beside them gestured to the band. “Girls, the band. Guys, this is…” He turned to the two girls as he let his sentence drift.
“Oh. I’m Trinity and this is Mariana.” Trinity glanced at Mariana who was obviously handling the situation not as calmly as Trinity was. Trinity was sure Mariana’s nails couldn’t be any more chewed down unless she wanted to eat her entire hand.
“Cool,” Zacky replied. “Right, so guys this is Mariana and Trinity. Nice names.”
“Thank our parents,” Trinity answered before smiling at him.
Johnny chuckled and said, “I’m sure you’re parents are so happy that you’re here hanging with us.”
Zacky made room for the two girls on the couch he and Gena had been sitting on as Trinity said, “They don’t mind. At least mine don’t. They’re actually the ones who introduced me to your music.”
“Man, I wish I had parents like that,” Matt said. “Would’ve saved me all those years in catholic school.”
“But you probably wouldn’t have had that strong bond with Jimmy since you guys were both in that school,” Brian, aka Synyster Gates, replied.
“True. May he rest in peace.” Matt lifted his beer as if saluting their original late drummer then took a drink.
“So how’d you girls like the show?” Brian asked as he took Michelle’s hand in his.
Trinity smiled wide and said, “It was awesome. You guys are great.” Mariana only nodded.
Matt chuckled again. “Thanks. We take great pride in putting on an awesome show.”
“Well you succeeded.” Trinity couldn’t help the joy that was radiating off of her.
Brian looked at Mariana and smiled. “What about you? How’d you like the show?”
Mariana blushed and said softly, “It was great.”
“Looks like we got a Gates fan!” Johnny rang out.
The others laughed while Mariana blushed even more and nodded unsurely.
Brian flipped Johnny off and turned back to Mariana. “Hey, it’s cool with me. I love meeting my fans. They’re better than Christ fans.” He gave a pointed look to Johnny.
“Fuck you.”
“No, thanks. I’m sticking with my wife.” He glanced at Michelle who laughed and kissed his forehead then smiled at Mariana.
“So, Trinity,” Zacky said, interrupting the joking/insulting looks Johnny and Brian were shooting each other. “You said your parents showed you our music. How’d that go down?”
“Well,” Trinity began, “I was five when I first heard ‘Unholy Confessions.’ I can’t remember if they played any of your music before then but all I can remember is basically falling in love with the song and wanting to know more about you guys.”
“Damn, at five?” Matt said. “Some kinda childhood.”
Trinity nodded. “I was wearing all black by the time I was ten.”
“Awesome,” Zacky commented. “I can just imagine a really gothic midget.” He grinned which made his comment less rude and more joking.
“Yeah. Actually I was conceived at one of your shows back when you guys were starting out. Before ‘Seventh Trumpet’ was released.”
Johnny laughed. “And where was I when that happened?”
“In middle school, ya moron,” Brian teased then chucked a pillow at him which Johnny caught.
The two continued like that for a few minutes while the others just sat back and laughed.
Just then, the girls heard the door open behind them. They didn’t turn around and only heard a male voice say, “You guys ready to head out?”
“Not yet,” Matt answered. “Alan, c’mere and meet two of our fans.” He gestured toward Trinity and Mariana who now turned to see who he was talking to.
Trinity bit down on her tongue so she wouldn’t gasp as she looked at the man she had seen before the show had begun. If he was hot from far away, he was nearly on fire up close. His dark colored eyes were actually a light hazel and stood out of his chiseled face. And she’d been wrong about him being between being a teen and a man.
The male before her was all man.
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