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Chapter 3: First Encounter

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Trinity isn't the only one who has become captivated by a member of the opposite sex...

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Alan liked working as a stage hand. He didn’t understand why people his age were so damn lazy. He liked helping the road crew set up the stage and carry all the equipment to and from the tour bus. The heavy loads kept him fit and he’d learned about the electrical equipment through the work. Not to mention, he’d met some interesting people along the way.
Besides, he had to put some kind of work in ever since his parents told him that he wouldn’t be getting things for free. Life as the kid of a rock star wasn’t always a trip to the beach.
Speaking of which, he missed the beach at Huntington. He’ll ask for his parents’ permission to go back to Huntington Beach.
Being on the road, whether he was with his family or not always became lonely after a few weeks. And this was a full album tour which meant they wouldn’t be able to take a break for another few months.
Sighing, he walked down the hallway of the concert hall where other roadies were carrying the band’s equipment out to the bus. A few of them greeted him, all of which had become his friends ever since he first started being a roadie. He headed to the band’s dressing room, pausing at the closed door to knock before letting himself in.
He saw his parents sitting on a large black couch the back of the room, both looking almost the same as they had been when he first found out just how famous they really were when he was a little kid. His “uncles” as he’d gotten used to calling them raised their chins as if in a greeting.
“You guys ready to head out?” he asked his father.
“Not yet,” his father, more commonly known as M. Shadows, lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold, replied before waving his hand toward himself. “Alan, c’mere and meet two of our fans.”
Alan turned his head to the two people he hadn’t realized were the in room until that moment. Then, two pairs of female eyes were on him, one of which belonged to the girl he’d seen before the show when he was helping to set up.
He remembered the way she’d been staring at him before her friend had started talking to her. He’d be lying if he said that he hadn’t wanted to stare back at her. He had like those bright eyes looking at him and liked the way her maroon lips moved as she spoke to her friend.
Those same eyes were fixed on him while those lips moved as she said, “Hi, I’m Trinity.”
“Hey,” he heard himself say, even though he was surprised to find her in the same room as his parents. Then he saw the pass hanging from her neck and knew it gave her permission to be here. “I’m Alan.”
Her friend introduced herself but Alan’s brain didn’t pick it up. All of his attention was on the female in front of him. He couldn’t help but keep staring at her. She had…something that made him not want to look away.
The only feeling he could connect this to would be the first time he’d seen Avenged perform back when he was eight. As a young boy, he’d been captivated at seeing the role models in his life do what they did best. Before seeing that first show, Alan had been kept backstage by his mother while listening to the muffled music that came through the walls. After that day, he looked at his father and uncles differently. He saw them with more respect and honor because of how much energy they put into their shows, all to please their fans.
Now he felt something not exactly the same but similar as he looked at Trinity. Up close, he could see that her eyes were bright because they were an emerald green that popped out with the help of the eyeliner and shadow.
“He’s one of our roadies,” Val said.
“Oh, cool,” Trinity remarked. “So you help with the equipment?” She smiled at him.
Alan couldn’t help but smile back, forgetting the question, then turned to Matt. “We gotta head out soon. We gotta get to the next city before morning.”
“Oh, c’mon Alan,” Zacky whined, “Can’t we just stay here with our fans for a while?”
“Nah, he’s right.” Brian tilted his beer all the way up and drank the last bit that was inside. “We got more fans to get to.”
“Right,” Michelle said as she got up from her seat beside Brian. “Come on, boys. Let’s get movin’.”
There was a chorus of male groans before they reluctantly stood up. The two girls got up, both sad to say goodbye to them.
The all of them walked out to the hallway and out the back doors of the concert hall. Outside, two large buses occupied the parking lot while several people loaded equipment onto them. The band led the girls to one of the buses where they stood outside the entrance as the members got on.
Johnny grinned at them and said, “You guys should come back and see us. We’d love to hang out with you guys again.”
Brian nodded as he swung an arm around his friend’s shoulders. “Hell yeah. You guys are welcome anytime.”
“Really?” Mariana asked, her eyes lighting up.
“Yeah,” Zacky interjected. “It’d be cool to have a few drinks with you two.”
“We’re seventeen,” Trinity said.”
“Really?” the three guys said in unison.
The girls nodded which made Brian say, “Well whaddaya know.”
Matt came up to them with Alan following behind him. “Hey guys. Our next show’s a couple hours away. If you guys come to see us, we’ll let you in for free.”
“For real?!” the girls exclaimed. When Matt nodded, they held in their squeals.
The guys noticed and Brian said, “Just let it out, girls. Your eyes look like they’re going to explode.”
At that, both girls let out ear piercing shrieks of excitement.
The others laughed, mocking them by putting their hands over their ears.
“Damn, seventeen years and I’m still not used to that,” Zacky said between laughs.
The girls looked down, embarrassed then looked back up at them when the guys said goodbye to them before getting on the bus.
“Catch you later,” Matt said, giving them his one of a kind smile and left.
Meanwhile, Alan glanced up at his father as he disappeared into the interior of the bus then looked at Trinity and Mariana who had obviously been looking at the singer’s rear end.
He cleared his throat, bringing their shy gaze back to him. “Right, so apparently they forgot that we need your full names for the free tickets.”
“Oh, right,” Trinity said. “Trinity Roberts and Mariana Hernandez.”
“Ok then. I’ll let security know about you two and if you have any problems just call my cell.” He waited until Trinity took out her phone before he recited his number.
Trinity thanked him and smiled, thinking that by the end of the night, her cheeks would be sore. Suddenly, she became aware of the half foot height difference between them. Something she gladly appreciated when it came to guys.
Mariana glanced at the two of them and said, “So….I guess we’ll be heading home now.” She lightly grabbed Trinity’s elbow.
“Yeah. Nice meeting you, Alan,” Trinity spoke then began walking with Mariana.
Alan repeated the girls’ action by staring at Trinity’s ass as she walked. He watched them until they disappeared into the darkness of the night then turned and got onto the bus.
Inside, he saw Zacky and Brian arguing about some TV show. Johnny sat at the small table under the cupboards with his wife, Samantha, his arm around her in a casual style and giving her forehead light kisses.
No doubt Matt was in the very back of the bus with Val. Figuring he may as well talk to his parents; Alan passed the others and moved his way through the narrow aisle. He reached the door of the small room that was alternated between the guys. His hand went to the door knob but froze when he heard a muffled moan coming from the other side.
Alan’s eyes widened as he took a step back. Then memories of walking in on his parents when he was eleven came back to haunt him.
He’d been hanging out with Jimmy a year before his untimely death. Jimmy had bought him new clothes and Alan was excited to show his parents. He rushed to their hotel room, opened the door and was treated to seeing more of Matt and Valary Sanders than he would ever want to see.
Alan shuddered. The memory was still very much alive in his thoughts and he did not want to see anything like that again.
Fuckin’ Christ… he thought and headed to his bunk.
He lay down in the small coffin sized space before pulling the curtain closed. Clicking on the small light close to his head, he was greeted by the pictures of his friends that he’d hung up on the bottom of Johnny’s bed that was right above him.
He closed his eyes and let his mind drift, only to see the image of a smiling Trinity. He saw her burgundy lips curved into that simple grin. He saw those emerald green eyes as they stared at him. Then he heard the laughter that rang out after she and Mariana had let out that ear-piercing shriek. Unable to stop himself from smiling, Alan rolled over in his bunk just as he felt a vibration coming from his pocket.
He pulled out his cell phone and seeing a number he didn’t recognize, answered the text he’d gotten.
Hey, it’s Trinity. Just giving you my number.
A smile spread on his face, quickly replaced by a frown.
Why the hell was he feeling like this?
He shut his phone off and turned over onto his other side, trying to force himself to sleep.
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