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first day and new friends

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amber's first day at a new school as a vampire who can never get older when her new friends ask questions about her life how will she answer

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(Amber’s P.O.V)

“Amber get up you’ve got school today” jenny my Vampire adoptive mother and creator yelled up the stairs “No, jenny let me sleep please and I promise I won’t bite the cat again” I shouted back “Amber we don’t have a cat now get up or I’ll come up there and get you myself you have five seconds” she started counting up to five as I sluggishly got out of my bed or ‘pit’ as jenny calls it “there jenny I’m up…jenny where are my black studded skinnies?” I shouted down to her as I got changed out of my black PJ’s “they are where you left them 6 days ago” I sighed and walked over to my en suite bathroom and dug around in my washing hamper “there you are you little fuckers” I mumbled to myself as I picked them up and tugged them on and went to find a shirt “jenny…” I started “your red checker shirt is in your draw” I was surprised that she knew what I was looking for but when I usually wear my studded skinnies I wear a checker shirt or a band tee but mainly checker shirts, I walked over to my draws and pulled my shirt on and grabbed my blood red converse and slid them on grabbing my eyeliner sliding it across the tops and bottoms of my eyelids, slightly smudging the bottoms then put some black lipstick on and ran a brush through my short cosmic blue hair spiking it with wax afterwards then bounced down the stairs grabbing a piece of toast off jenny.

“Come on grab your bag then I’ll drive you to school unless you wanna walk it’s up to you” I gave her a cheeky grin “okay, grab your bag and let’s get going” I smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek “thank you jen jen” she smiled and shook her head as I ran to living room and picked up my nightmare before Christmas messenger bag and slug it over my shoulder “ok I’m ready if I were you I’d take me to the hell hole humans call school before I change my mind” jenny just laughed as we walked out to her Volvo.

When we reached the street before the school I asked jenny to stop so I could get out and walk the rest of the way she just nodded and hit the brakes “thanks jenny see you after school” I gave her a awkward hug “see later abbz” I just giggled and got out and started walking jenny beeped me and I waved not looking where I was going I bumped in to someone “ouch” he said “oh shit sorry” I helped him up “nah it’s okay I should have been looking where I was going, hey are you new?” I nodded “yeah I’m Amber, amber ryte” he smiled “I’m frank, frank iero nice to meet you Amber you wanna walk to school with me?” I smiled at him he was so good looking, black flat Mohawk styled hair with shaved sides that were dyed blood red, punky clothing style and multiple piercings and scuffed doc martins Oh. My. God. Am I checking out a human boy…I guess I am those gorgeous honey brown eyes laced with smudged red eyeliner I can’t seem to pull my eyes from his “yeah sure” I replied “cool my friends should be waiting for me at the gates” yay I’m already in a new friendship group…kinda.

When me and frank reached the gates there were 4 people waiting “hey frank” a cute boy with Blondie brown hair and glasses called to frank who grabbed my wrist which I pulled away slightly making him let go but I followed him towards his friends “Frankie” a hot boy with longish raven black hair and hazel eyes squealed as he wrapped the 5’5” midget in his long arms “Gee I need to breathe” the black haired boy let frank go “Frankie whose your new friend” a girl with red and black streaked hair said “oh sorry, guys this is Amber she’s new” he said the Blondie brown haired boy, the black haired boy as well as frank crowded around me “hey nice to meet you amber I’m mikey, mikey way and that is my vampiric older brother gerard” I smiled and giggled slightly at mikey’s description of his brother “I’m shelly by the way” the red and black haired girl said I just smiled “don’t worry amber you don’t have to hang out with us freaks if you don’t want to” gerard spoke his voice like melting honey “it’s ok you guys seem pretty cool to me if anyone’s the freak here it’s me” crap why am I saying this yeah they look and seem awesome but why am I almost giving away my secret to him argh this can’t be happening “I doubt that your way too pretty and you seem pretty awesome” mikey said earning a slap on the back of his head from gerard “sorry about him he doesn’t know how to act around pretty girls much seen as we only have one other pretty emo girl in our group and yes…Frankie I meant you” which made me giggle and gerard got a smack off shelly “come on guys we better get in and to form or we’ll get killed” shelly explained I was lucky that jenny had picked up my papers the day before and I had showed them to frank when he asked if I needed to go to the principal it turned out that I was in the same form group as frank and his friends.

At lunch I got asked loads of questions but when they had finished I was left feeling like I’d given them to much information but they still looked clueless so I was lucky.

(Frank’s P.O.V)

Amber is just so cute but there is something more about her the colour of her eyes is strange I’ve never seen anyone with violet coloured eyes she must use contacts at lunch gerard nudged me into asking Amber to hang out at his house with us that night so I did other wise I would have to put up with Gerard’s whining “please just ask her Frankie” he whispered to me “fine” I whispered back “hey Amber do you wanna hang out at Gee’s house with us tonight?” she just nodded “I’ll have to talk to jenny first though” I just nodded then we all started asking her questions “so Amber tell us about yourself” she looked like she’d just choked on her cherry tango then smiled “what do you want to know frank?” I smiled “parents, siblings, pets, age, birthday, why you came to Belleville high, whether you like boys or girls, if you have a boy/girlfriend at the moment” she smiled and giggled her laugh sounded like a melody from a piano “well my parents died when I was 12 and I went into care where jenny adopted me but my parents hated me they gave me the scar that you all keep staring at,” I looked at her left arm where the V of burned flesh was I just wondered why they had burned a V onto their daughter not only that but why they burned their daughter at all “I’m a only child, I have no pets I would like a cat or a rabbit, I’m 15 years old but I feel 300 because I have a really weird thing where my body won’t let me develop so even when I get older I don’t look it but it only started on my 15th birthday,” I felt sorry for her because she would never look old enough to buy alcohol or get into R-rated movies “my birthday is 31st October 1995,”I was surprised “hey amber you have the same birthday as frank” gerard pointed out amber smiled “I guess it’ll be a joint party this year, eh Frankie” mikey said then we let Amber continue “well I came here because I got bullied for looking and being different and it had got way out of hand, I’m Bisexual and I’m single” I was happy she was single I saw gerard and mikey’s faces light up as well and surprisingly so did Shelly’s.

At the end of school amber’s adopted mum jenny came to pick her up in her Volvo “hey guys do wanna lift and jenny said it’s cool for me to hang out with you tonight” cool a lift home I lived with Gerard and Mikey anyway and Shelly lived next door so we all accepted and we found out that Amber lived across the road from us.
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