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mario karts, sweet mishaps and tea time with the vampires

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what will happen when the way brothers and frank get locked out of their house

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(Amber’s P.O.V)

When jenny dropped the guys off at their houses I realised that frank, Gerard and Mikey all lived together and Shelly lived next door to them and I was across the road from them ten minutes spent listening to music there was a knock at the door “Amber can you get that please honey” I sighed and went to get the door it was frank, gerard and mikey “hey Amber Gerard and mikey’s mum’s gone out and locked the house and Gerard forgot his key so can we hang out with you instead” I smiled “yeah sure what about shelly?” I asked “she felt tired when she got home and cancelled” I just nodded and let them in explaining to jenny what was going on “yeah that’s fine sweet heart” jenny said then pulled me closer “just be careful around them don’t move to quick don’t answer any questions or statements in their heads and do not drink their blood” she harshly whispered into my ear before sending me back to my friends “ok jenny thanks” I shouted back through “amber do your friends want to stay for tea?” she asked I turned to the boys they shrugged then nodded “yeah that’s fine jenny...jenny can I have a sleep over later in the week?” I shouted through “ok and maybe I’ll think about it” she giggled “shall we watch so movies then or video games it’s up to you guys “oh. My. God. She’s so cute and awesome I want to call her mine” I heard in Gerard’s mind I was about to say something I remembered what jenny had said then someone else was saying something in their head “I love her smile her laugh and her taste in clothes who am I kidding I just love her in general she is just too cute” mikey said in his thoughts I was flattered the way brothers both liked me aww so cute wait someone else now it’s like time square in my head so fucking crowded “I really like her but Gee and Mikey always get the girls it’s not fair what have they got that I haven’t a extra set of bollocks or something who am I kidding any way she’ll never like me, we are so alike and she doesn’t know it I have no family and I’ve never been loved or even kissed for that matter but gee and mikey their so lucky to have Donna and to be able to say that they’ve had their first kiss
Hold on is amber ok she hasn’t spoke in like 5 minutes and gee and mikey are too busy fighting over whether to play video games or watch a movie god they can be idiots some times well I guess it’s up to me to help the girl I love even though she’ll never love me back oh well I’ll be the helpful hero and see where it gets me probably nowhere as usual” aww poor Frankie we are so similar but yet so different “amber are you, ok?” Frankie helped me snap out of the noise of my head I shook my head “I...yeah I’m fine so what does everyone want to do then games or movies” I said looking at frank for him to decide seen as the brothers were fighting “erm...I think we should start with some games and when we get bored we can watch some movies especially some movies with vampires in, girl vampires coz some of them are really hot” he said smirking he’s just so cute wait did he say that he thought female vampires were hot I started to blush “yeah that sounds like a good idea Frankie” Gerard said looking at mikey still as I started to guide them upstairs and into my room as I turned my wii on and my TV they sat on the couch in the corner on the room opposite to the TV I put Mario karts on and picked up four controllers and passed them round and sat on the floor between frank and Gerard’s legs then I felt someone moved to sit next to me on the floor it was frank “didn’t want to leave you on your own down here ‘because I love you too much to see you on your own, there’s something about her scar that intrigues me as well as her entirely’ who are you gonna pick amber?” frank said bringing me once again out of his head “erm...I’m gonna be baby peach because she’s so cute and gets awesome vehicles” I said with a smile on my face “I might be yoshi or baby Mario...and gee before you say it no it’s not because they are as small as me” gerard laughed at frank as he selected yoshi and gerard picked donkey Kong we all just looked at him “yeah I can see the resemblance there gee” Frank started laughing then mikey picked wario we just shook our heads and started the game then I remembered something about all the other Mario games yoshi is peach’s guardian and baby peach’s best friend nothing more aww poor guy I was in the lead until frank used his ink special thingy and it squirted all over my screen “argh Frankie why?” I laughed and he looked shocked then I realised I had called him Frankie “sorry...frank” I whispered as we carried on playing “it’s ok it’s just only Gerard calls me that but you can if you want” he smiled and Gee skidded on the banana skin I left on road “woo ha in your face Gerard” I laughed as he screamed ‘NOOOOO’ then he said “your gonna pay for that amber” I just giggled as he picked up a lighting special “Noooo” Frankie said as his character raced in front of mine stopping me from taking the hit and keeping me in first place “thanks Frankie” I giggled and he blushed ‘no problem amber I love the way she says ‘Frankie’ in a childish way’ aww he’s so cute but back to the game last lap and I’m still in first place yay and Frankie’s right behind me “come on yoshi let’s win this” I giggled at frank he smiled “yeah let’s beat these shit draggers baby peach” I just laughed “last one has to tell jenny their gay” I giggled as I crossed the line then it was frank then gee and mikey were battling for the finish line and also the 3rd place safety of that they would have to tell my ‘mum’ they were gay then Gee crossed the line shouting “sorry mikes I win” I just laughed as mikey mumbled “great now I’ve got to tell someone whose only just met me that I’m gay great” I just laughed and sent him downstairs

(mikey’s P.O.V)
crap, crap, crap I walked through to the kitchen to see jenny taking some chicken out of the fridge “oh hey mikey what’s up?” I knew one way to stall “oh yeah erm...frank told me to tell you that he’s vegetarian” she nodded then said “ok but there’s something else isn’t there my daughter’s dared you to tell me something hasn’t she?, she always does it what is it this time have I see a red and purple monkey cat walking across the back wall recently?” and laughed I shook my head “I’m Gay” I was scared and she just laughed “no need to be so worried you got let off lightly when amber’s ex boyfriend lost a game of Mario karts to her he had to come down here and kiss me and call me a milf little did he know it was a plan she’d had so she could dump him and act clueless cheeky bugger” she giggled I felt so calm now poor guy I nodded and as I made my way back upstairs “mikey can you tell the other’s that tea’s nearly ready?” I nodded and walked upstairs and into ambers room “guys jenny said teas nearly ready” they just nodded watching nightmare before Christmas Frankie’s favourite movie apart from one’s with hot vampire girls in amber blushed when her hand went into a bag of sweets frank had produced from his school bag the same time as frank “sorry” she said as she saw franks shocked face “it’s ok amber” she smiled she said sorry a awful lot I felt sorry for her poor thing horrible parents and put into care just like frank but at least they’ve both found places where they are happy “Amber, Frank, Gerard, Mikey tea’s ready” that was quick she only just got the chicken out of the fridge when we went downstairs there were five plates of food only two of them looked like they contained meat “Frank, mikey told me you were vegetarian so you’ve got the same as me and amber, ok” frank nodded “Gerard you and mikey have pan fried chicken with rice I hope that’s ok I don’t really cook meat but Amber will do the chicken for you now if you want she was brought up around meat eaters but doesn’t eat it herself” (time lapse) wow this chicken is awesome Amber is a awesome cook and she doesn’t even eat meat herself god that’s amazing but what about her isn’t.

(Amber’s P.O.V)

when mikey went downstairs we put a movie on (NBC) then frank got a bag of haribos out of his school bag me and frank were still sat on the floor so frank sat in front of gerard so we could put the bag in between us and gerard would still be able to get them then when mikey walked in I was so glued to the movie that when I put my hand in the bag of sweets I didn’t realise that frank had as well “sorry” I said blushing “it’s ok amber” Frankie is so understanding then mikey told us tea was nearly ready knowing jenny she’ll get meat out for the boys and get me to cook it even though I don’t eat it myself then after tea Gerard looked out the front window to see that his and mikey’s mum was home “it was nice hanging out with you amber we gotta go home now and tell my mum how stupid my brother is for forgetting his keys” mikey said as we all walked to the front door “bye guys” I gave them hugs each time I could smell a different scent I hugged mikey first; just a gentle hint of chewing gum and mints then gerard; smoke, minty gum and honey and finally frank; cherry shampoo, honey, cinnamon, hairspray and smoke, frank had a very complicated scent but it was a very nice one and so were the ways scents as they left I waved goodbye then shut the door and went to say goodnight to jenny because it was now 9:30pm and I had half an hour till I had to go to bed so I decided to got to bed early “night jenny” I called as I went upstairs I climbed into my big comfy bed after I got changed into my PJ’s then my phone started vibrating it was a text ‘from frank’ I never got franks number but I did notice gerard messing around with it earlier “hey amber, Gerard’s put all of our numbers on your phone for you how are you anyway you looked incredibly distant today or is that just the normal you lol” I just giggled then texted back “ok then Frankie I’m fine I was just thinking some things over lol”.

(Frank’s P.O.V)

after I texted her I felt calm because gerard had told me that he’d put her number in my phone as well as putting ours in hers but I just really like her I thought I was gonna end up sending something like ‘I know we just met but I really like you’ but I’m glad I didn’t she probably doesn’t like me like that when her text came back I was nervous “ok then Frankie I’m fine I was just thinking some things over lol” I chuckled at her text I’m glad she’s ok I’m just wondering what she was thinking about now.
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