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How Can I Help You

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Mikey is thinking about how this happened.

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I don’t know how we ended up like this. Little brother watching after the older brother. Gerard use to be the one to protect me. He fought off all of my problems, from our dad, to the bullies at school he was always there hugging me telling me it will all be okay. He bought us an apartment, He even was the one who got me into medical school. He never worked harder in his life. He saved up every dime and paid for my schooling in full, even though he had never gone. He told me that I was always the one who was meant to help people, and he was always the one who would get me to the point where I could.
Everything in life was perfect until Craig came along. I barely noticed when Gerard started to talk to himself like there was someone responding to him. I would walk into the room to him laughing at nothing. When I asked about it he would look at me like I was crazy and respond “Do you not hear this shit? This guys hysterical!”
It was always a little odd around him after that. Like there was some inside joke that I wasn’t in on, some conversation I wasn’t allowed to hear.
It was only after Gerard quit his job that I realized how much a problem this was going to be.
I remember going up to him and asking why he quit and he shrugged and said “Craig told me that I was better then them and that they all were using me and either I quit or he would get rid of them, So I quit, Craig is not a nice guy when he’s angry.”
“Who’s Craig?” I asked confused and he glared at me.
“Don’t be stupid Mikey, I’m really not in the mood for this.” And he walked away.
After a few of these occurrences, Gerard bringing home 4 baby rottweilers because Craig told him he needed them, Gerard breaking our T.V because Craig told him it was destroying my brains, I realized that Craig was in Gerard’s head, and he needed to leave.
Unfortunately, Gerard could not see that Craig wasn’t real and when I tried to convince him he actually took a swing at me and threw me out of our apartment.
I was worried but not enough to send Gerard to Clara Maass Medical Center, The Mental Health Hospital where I now worked.
That was until I was stopping by to talk to Gerard one night when I saw fire in his building, fire trucks, ambulances and a crowd of worried people around. I ran through the crown and saw Gerard in a stretcher about to go into an ambulance. I got in with him after explaining my relationship with him, and spent the night at the hospital that night.
The next morning I asked him what happened and he said “Can I trust you Mikey?”
I told him that of course he could and he told me “It was Craig. I tried to stop him but he insisted that the building was all wrong and not good enough for me and needed to go. Please don’t tell anyone Mikes, I don’t want Craig in trouble.”
I knew then that this problem was bigger then just me, and had him admitted into the hospital.
Now I’m here 2 years later and trying to figure out how to protect Gerard, like he has protected me my whole life.
But how do you protect someone from themselves?
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