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Chapter Three

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So I've been in and out of Hospital for a few weeks and haven't been able to update :(
But I'm finally well enough to get out of bed so I can write xD
This update isn't the best and it's pretty short, but I really hope you accept it as a huge apology from me :)
Please excuse any typos, my computer is still kinda freaking out on me so I couldn't check properly. Let me know if I missed any :)

Also a massive thanks to MCRmygirl, sheXxie, bythegraceofgod, urafreaklikeme, CosmicZombie, Elisabeth, Kendally11, lalatherapist16 and Think-Happy-Thoughts. Your comments are to me what Gerard is to Frank :D :D

Franks POV

The first half of the day passed in a blur, I made my way to third period, side-stepping a couple necking like it was going out of fashion. I flopped down into my seat and sighed, I wasn't bad at US History but that didn't mean I enjoyed it. I slid further down in the hard plastic chair, getting comfortable. Images of Gerard from this morning and the Gerard from four years ago compared themselves in my head. He was different now, but not just in the physical sense. He seemed, if not happier, then slightly more comfortable in himself than he was back then. As opposed to the baggy jeans and t-shirt that I gathered to be some sort of uniform for him, from the breif time I had met him and family pictures displayed through out Mikeys house, his shirt and skinny jeans accentuated his now toned body perfectly.

Miss Webb sauntered in to the room and sneered at us. "Oh goodie. My favourite class." Her voice dripped with sarcasm, but much to her dissmay it didn't have her desired effect on the unperturbed teenagers surrounding me. Miss Webb was young and by no means ugly but lets just say after almost four years of being in her class nobody questioned why she was still a 'Miss'. She flipped her long brown hair in a way that in my opinion was better saved for shampoo commercials, and strolled towards me. Miss Webb held in distain any student who didn't fit the Barbie and Ken stereotype, but her feelings towards me we borderline hatred.

"Ah Frank," her plastic smile morphed into a grimace. "Ever the 'rebel' I see." Her eyes taking in my attire and slouched position in the uncomfortable chair. "Well if not listening to Briteny Spears is considered being a rebel these days, then yes, the rebel in me is as defiant as ever." I smiled.
"How cute." She glowered.
"That's what my mama tells me."
"This is your senior year Mr. Iero I had hoped you would have grown out of your little punk phase."
"Eat me."
"I'd consider it but I don't enjoy putting nasty things in my mouth."
"Actually my boyfriend tells me I taste quite nice." I quipped. I didn't actually have a boyfriend but a little white lie was worth the look on her face.

I heard somebody murmmer queer and looked up to find Bob smirking at me from the door. Miss Webb whipped round to face Bob as he slowly made his way to the seat beside me. "You're late Mr. Bryar" She scolded. "I was busy." Came his simple reply. "Doing what?" She asked, a distasteful look on her face. "Tea-bagging your mom." He smiled. The class erupted in laughter and Miss Webb recoiled, making her way back to the front of the room. "Bob, you're such a liar. Everybody knows you don't tea-bag the ladies, you potato-sack them." I joked in a whispered voice, hoping not to attract Miss Webbs attention again. A few people around us giggled. Bob laughed and gave me a sideways glance. "What the fuck even goes on in your head Frank?" I shrugged, crossing my legs on the table and reclining on the back legs of my chair. Forty-five minutes later I was brought out of daydreams of attractive art teachers, sweat covered skin and moaning by an agitated looking Bob. I stood up, strategically placing my History book in front of the 'problem' I had acquired during my slightly dirty thoughts.

Bob growled. "What the fuck is her problem? Who gives a test on the first week back? She's such a knob-jockey!" I laughed inwardly, Bob was funny when he got angry. Getting a test was news to me but if he knew I wasn't listening he'd want to know what I was thinking about and there was no way I was telling him that. So I just played along, going on what I had managed to catch at the start of the lesson. "I know man. Totally uncalled for. I mean how is knowing everything about The Boston Tea Party gonna get us jobs anyway?" Seeing the look on his face I realised that I pretty much had no idea what I was talking about so I just shut up before he was sure I was talking shit.
"Uh, Frank?"
"Yeah?" I smiled.
"The test's on Pearl Harbour."
"I know Bob, I was just testing you!" I defended, trying to laugh it off as we made our way to English.
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