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Chapter Two

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Gerard's POV

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I just want to thank everybody who's read this so far, I really appreciate it.
Also a special thank you to xxKilljoysxx, CosmicZombie and bythegraceofgod for their amazing comments :)
I'm not sure if I like this chapter or not but I felt bad for not updating for so long I just really wanted to give you something.
Please stick with me, I have huge plans for this story!

Gerards POV

I pulled up into the school parking lot, suddenly hit with an extreme sense of déjà vu. Sighing I turned off the ignition and stepped out of my car. I slammed the door and leaned against it, finishing the rest of my smoke before I went inside the once intimidating building. My mind started to recall more and more memories from my school days with each drag. Still perched against my car I crossed on leg over the other, concluding that I wasn't quite prepared to enter a place I once so despised yet, so I might as well make my self more comfortable. A few moments passed, with me still locked in my own thoughts. I looked down at the cigarette still residing between my fingers. I figured I may as well just bite the bullet, so I took one last drag and crushed it between the gravel and the heel of my boot. I pushed my self off my car and trudged into my ex prison, and new place of employment.

I could feel the eyes of the students boring into the back of my head as I walked across the green at the front of the school. Taking it all in as I tried my hardest not to stumble over the teenage bodies draped randomly across the grass, some doing things that would make their mothers toes curl if she'd seen, especially in public. I noticed that in the last four years of being away from the place nothing had seemed to change except the faces and the styles. As I got closer to the main doors, I had to squint, but I managed to recognise my little brother sat with his girlfriend and two other guys on the front steps. The main give-away was Rachel and her florescent hair. As I started climbing the steps she waved at me. "Hey Gerard. What's up?" She asked as I neared them. "Oh yano, same old, same old." I said with a smile. "And by the way, isn't against the code of conduct or some shit like that to refer to a member of staff by their first names?" I asked her, and she started laughing, "isn't it against the code of conduct or some shit like that for a member of staff to swear?". Mikey sighed from behind and she lightly slapped his knee. "Don't be so rude and say hi to your big brother." She scolded. "Yeah Mikes, don't be so rude. You're hurting my feelings." I taunted. I always knew there was a reason I liked that girl.

"Oh God Gerard, I'm actually begging right now, I have one year left in this shit-hole! Please just pretend you don't know me or something?" Mikey pleaded. "Now why on earth would I want to do such an atrocious thing as ignore the boy whose diapers I once changed?" I asked, reveling in the blush that crept across Mikeys cheeks as his friends started to laugh, well two laughed, one of the boys actually giggled, and as much as a pervert I felt to admit it, it was seriously cute. "Gerard, there's four years between us, I'm pretty sure mom did not trust you to change my diapers when you were only four." Mikey insisted, but I was barely listening. I was to busy focusing on keeping my jaw from hitting the floor. When I heard the giggles I decided to finally look in the direction of the two boys, to see what kind of eighteen year old boy actually giggled. The first person I seen was a hulk of a man, with strawberry blond hair, I was pretty sure he was actually too big to giggle, and also more than likely too big to still be eighteen.

Then my eyes were drawn to the other boy on the step below him. He was slouched on the step listening to our debate intently, but looking at his feet, and a slight smile on his face. He was staring at his shoes intently, so most of his face was hidden behind his midnight black fringe. His skin was slightly tanned, and the muscles beneath it toned. The Misfits logo on his t-shirt made me smile slightly also. The kid was cute, and had extremely good taste in music. Discovering where my train of thought was going, I pushed it from my head and zoned back in to the conversation with my disgruntled younger brother. "Yeah, well she did, and I dropped you on your head, I think you're old enough to know the truth as to why you're so strange Micheal." I smirked. I heard that angelic giggle again, making me smile. Feeling a strange sense of pride that I was the one causing that pretty little laugh to escape those lips. "Well at least now we know why you're so weird Mikey." He added, in the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard, It was deep and slightly husky, which made me think he must have smoked, but also happy and slightly childish. As soon as I realised that I was actually standing there describing his voice in my head I decided I needed to get away from this kid, and quick.

"You're such a dick Gerard, really you are." Mikey smiled sarcastically. "Yeah, but let's not forget that this dick can now give you detention Michael." I teased him. "Well been nice chatting to ya booger, but I've really got to go." I smiled once again, and swiftly entered the main building, hoping that if I couldn't see the boy, I wouldn't think of him. It was strange, but I felt like I knew him. I sighed and shook my head, trying to clear out all the previous thoughts from the morning before I officially started my first day.
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