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Chapte Two

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four years later Ursa is at the Palace, chaos ensues.

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"Ursa! Ursa! Come down! Now!"

Ten year old Ursa was on the top branch of the apple tree, she stuck her tongue out at Ozai who was jumping up trying to reach the bottom branch. For once Ursa was pleased with her height.

"I would climb down now and apologise to his Royal Sparkyness before he sets your dress on fire again"

Piandao whispered from his perch above Ursa. Ursa screamed and toppled from her perch. Ursa fell all the way down and landed on top of Ozai. Piandao shocked toppled from his seat and landed beside the pair. Ursa rolled off of Ozai, she tried to stand up but a sharp pain shot through her leg.


Ursa cried out in pain. She fell back on the ground and fought back tears, but she cried anyway.

Piandao stood up fine, but then he noticed his wrist was visibly swelling he paused to examine it, before helping Ozai up. Ozai had a bloody nose and a split lip.

"Don't bother helping me up!"

Ozai yelled as he stood up by himself.

"Help Ursa!"

Piandao looked slightly confused for a moment as Ozai pushed past him and knelt beside Ursa.

"Shhh, shhh."

Ozai whispered to Ursa, trying to calm her.

"Where does it hurt?"

Ozai asked as Piandao ran to find a servant of some description.

"My leg!"

Ursa whimpered, and felt fresh tears fall.

"Please don't cry!"

Ozai pleaded.

"I'm going to have to take a look, I'll have to remove your dress. Where is Piandao?"

Ozai said as he fumbled with the buttons on the side of Ursa's complicated dress.

"Just cut it off!"

Ozai's eyes widened but he did as Ursa comanded. Ozai pulled his knife out of it's sheath and cut open Ursa's dress. Ozai blushed and averted his eyes as he cut open her underskirt revealing her legs and her under wear. The leg looked awful. The kneecap was bruised and swollen in a dark purple colour. The rest of the leg was turning a dark yellow colour. Ozai reached out and touched the area around the knee. Ursa arched back and hissed in pain. The whole time he touched he whispered apologies.

"I don't know where Piandao is, I am going to take you to Iroh and Ta Min okay?"

Ozai asked, Ursa just nodded. Ozai helped Ursa up into a sitting position. Then he quickly pulled her up and supported her completely. Ursa silently sobbed. Ozai held her there, doing his best to comfort her, but in fairness he was only eleven, there was not much he could do.

Slowly they made their way to Iroh's apartments. They had to stop every few minutes for Ozai to catch his breath and for Ursa to adjust her leg. After twenty agonising miutes they reached Irohs apartments. Ozai hesitated.

"What's wrong?"

Ursa asked, then she moaned as she moved her leg slightly.

"Father might be in there."

Ozai whispered. Then he took one look at Ursa's pretty features and opened the door.

"Ozai! There you are Iroh told me to stay here uhhhhhh!"

Piandao shouted until Iroh covered his mouth with his hand.

"Now then Ozai why don't you help Ursa onto the couch and then you can go to the wash room and clean your face."

Ozai gently set Ursa down onto the couch, he then sat beside her.

"I can wait for Ursa."

Ozai stated as he grasped Ursa's hand. Iroh smiled at this.

"Okay then, Piandao would you be so kind as to fetch a physician and then run to Lady Ursa's house and inform her mother, Lady Ai that Ursa has injured her leg."

Piandao nodded and scampered out of the door.

"Now then Ursa, the physician should be here shortly, your mother may come as well in the mean time would you care for some jasmine tea?"

Iroh asked. Ursa nodded.

"Alright then, Ozai you heard the lady, come help me prepare the tea."

Iroh stood up and beckoned for his younger brother to follow him.

"I'll be right back Ursa."

Ozai said as he stood up and went into the small kitchen.

"Would you care to explain why the young lady's dress has been cut open?"

Iroh asked as Ozai's cheeks coloured.

"I had to see, if she was hurt really badly."

Iroh looked as his brother trying to see if he had any other motive.

"Very well, bring this into the lady."

Iroh handed Ozai an small cup of jasmine tea. Iroh began to brew a cup of something a little stronger when Ozai burst in looking terrified.

"Ursa won't wake up!"

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