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(i dont know what to call it) set in england, on a farm in like the 50's. yeah.

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Chapter 1
Ashlee pov

There where three of us, Siblee, Emily and I. My name was Ashlee by the way.
And then there where three of them – our fathers farm hands – Frank, Gerard and Michael or Mikey as we called him. Frank was from Italy; his parents escaped the second world war when he was only one, he is kind, mischievous, and sweet with an infectious giggle, he had light chocolate brown eyes, long black hair (almost to his shoulders) and always wore a smile – I admit I liked him much more than a young girl of sixteen should like a young man of also of sixteen , for our feelings where neither here nor there, any who, frank was the youngest young man, and I was the youngest young woman, next came Mikey, a tall proud seventeen year old who rarely expressed his emotions, though when he did smile it had a lasting effect, no one could be angry with Mikey as he never did any wrong, he was Gerard's younger brother, though he looked older because of his height, he also had brown eyes, but they where darker in color than franks. Emily was the same age as Mikey, she was a middle-ish height, her eyes where defornatly something beautiful, they where Hazel with a hint of green, here irises where outlined by a dark rim that traveled around the edge, she had long dark blond hair that curled , emily was a very bouncy young person who was nearly always hyper.
Lastly we had Gerard and Siblee: Gerard was taller than frank, yet smaller that mikey, he had dark black/brown hair and also had brown eyes, though they were not as chocolatey as franks but not as dark as mikeys. He was quiet, and an artist, he was very withdrawn and quite daunting, there was something about him that drew you in and makes you want to know more – yet he was quite scary, to me anyway.
Siblee was a bouncy young eighteen yearold, the oldest girl of the group, she had bright green eyes that captivated anyone that looked into them and long brown hair that curled slightly, she was friendly and could never hurt a fly, one thing Emily and I knew was that she liked gerard, but she was aloud – as she was the oldest of age.
I was the youngest girl, I had eyes that, when my mood changed, the color of the irises changed with that mood and I had short blond/brown hair, I was small for my age – nothing special – though I could sing, I didnt tell anyone about it though, I didnt want the pressure.
We lived in rural england, in the middle of nowhere, non of us girls where related – we all came to the farm during the blitz as we where from london, non of our parents ever tried to contact us after the war was won, so mr smith said we could stay as him and his wife had never had childern.
The Smiths where not poor, so we lived comfortably in a large farm house. The boys lived in the village just down the lane and they worked here, on the farm.
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