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franks point of view

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Franks Pov
it was a Sunday, the day of rest – apparently, I was on the farm though for one reason other than work. The Farmers adoptive daughter Ashlee, she was the same age as me, give or take a few months and very bouncy, I remember when she arrived here, bless her heart she was so confused and young, she had grown up into a beautiful young lady who I had fallen head over heals for. It was not aloud for a boy my age, it was not right, but it wouldn't matter – how could a girl like Ashlee like a boy like me in that way? It wasn’t possible.
I got to work feeding the girls' horses, it was quiet, until ashlee sneaked up behind me and made me jump
“BOO” she said, clapping her hands apon my shoulders, it was a good job I wasnt in the stables, we would have startled the horses.
“Ashlee you made me jump” I said stating the obvious,
“that was the whole point” a devious smile played on her lips, “what'ch ya doin?”
“correcting your grammar” I laughed “its “What Are You Doing, not what'ch ya doin...” she gave me a look as if to say “ yes- I – knew – this – but – thats – not – the -point
“okay okay, im feeding the horses, and yourself?”
“me? I'm watching you feed the horses” she grinned, the smile lighting up her eyes. I laughed, she always got to the point, but yet she was rather immature for her age.
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