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gerards point of view

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Gerards Pov

I siped my lemonade looking at sibley, she was beautiful, her personaltiy was florless and she was beautiful to look at too. What more could a guy ask for? A better social status maybe. She was way out of my league, I was only a farm hand. I snook glances at her when I could, it was the most a guy like me could possibley do in my situation.
“so what are you and the girls doing tonight?” the convosation went silent for a while, she looked up at me and smiled
“we are going to a party” she laughed, it sounded as if it was forced,
“do you not want to go?” I said coking my head to the side inquisitively she humed.
“is not that I dont want to go, its that the person that I would want to go with would never go with me”
my heart sank, she liked someone, I would never get a look in. I decided to be happy for her and help her with her problem like a gentleman should,
“ask him, you never know what may happen..”
“yes but hes older and better looking than me, I would not want to make a fool of my self by telling him”
“he may be older and good looking but that does not not mean that he will look at you as a fool” I was older but only by a few months, and I was not better looking, never. She smiled at me – her smile took my breath away, it was stunning – who could be better looking than her? It was hard to imagine.
“thank you” she said hugging me, that took me of guard, I stiffened – but soon relaxed into her arms, it was heaven.
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