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grumpy ol' mikey

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mikeys pov (he is being a poker faced lama )

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2011-04-26 - Updated: 2011-04-26 - 136 words

Mikeys pov
I walked into the barn – straight into Emily, I nodded once in her direction, I needed to get some work done, I liked emily, quite a bit, but she was very distracting, her beautiful eyes could captivate you for hours, she was beautiful, as where the rest of the girls, but Emily was the prettest in my eyes. We all had our favourite's, Gerard, frank and I, Gerard liked Sibley, Frank was crazy about Ashlee, and I was in love with Emily, but non of us could ever tell anyone other than each other. I turned around to see emily climb the ladders into the rafters, I wanted very much to follow her, but I had to get to work.
sorry about it being so short - mikes a tough one to write about
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