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Cheshire Cats

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Emily's pov

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Emilys Pov.

I climbed the ladders up to where I was meant to be meeting the rest of the girls. Mikey hadn't said a word to me. I felt like crying, I liked Mikey so much it hurt me to think he didn't like me back, I sat in the straw and waited for my sisters to come.
- - - - - -
Ashlee came first, wearing the biggest smile on her face, she was nearly always happy. Good for her I suppose. Then Sibley came, also sporting a huge smile. Frank and Gerard must have said something good – otherwise they would not be grinning like Cheshire cats. it annoyed me slightly for I was the only on not presenting a smile.
“ what's up with yo- ohh, Mikey's not opening is mouth again” Ashlee stated. Soon to be smacked round the back of the head by sibley.
“Oww! What was that for?” she complained, turning to look at our sister,
“you could be a Little more sensitive..” sibley returned.
“sorry em” she turned to me once again,
“its okay. Anyway you where right, he hasn't said a word to me, what happened with you two then? Something good I must imagine, the smiles give it away.”
“i hugged him! I hugged Gerard!” sibley squealed.
“i just spent a whole two hours with frank... doing nothing, it was perfect” Ashlee went into a dream state. It was slightly amusing to see my sisters getting all excited about the boys while I just sat here in all my doom and gloom
“oh come on em, cheer up!” Ashlee half squealed flailing her arms in the air. I just looked at her, trying not to laugh, if there is one thing I had learnt from Mikey is that I know how to keep my face straight.
“how can I possibly cheer up when the person I am in love with, does not feel the same?” I reasoned,
“Oh Codswallop, Mikey would be a Fool to not like you, your pretty, your intelligent, your eyes could captivate anyone...” sibley patted me on the back reassuringly, I couldn't face it any more, and I ran down the ladders and out of the barn, hearing running footsteps behind me.
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