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ashlee's pov

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Ashlee's pov.

“Stay here, you will just make her worse.” where siblees parting words to me. She was probably right, it was all I ever did, make things worse. I sat here in the rafters of the barn twiddling my thumbs. I decided that it was safe for me to sing one of my songs.

“so deep inside your own mind you lose control”

it was only then that I heard footsteps on the ladders. I stopped singing, and turned around in shock to see frank standing at the top of the ladder with his mouth hanging open.
“Please, please dont tell anyone” I pleaded, frank stepped closer
“i wont, I promise but, why dont you tell anyone?” he looked puzzled
“i do not want the pressure of being a singer, I dont want people going to me oh sing oh sing for us, it would annoy me something chronic you see” I looked at my feet and twiddled my thumbs some more. Mrs smith had told us that we where aloud to bring one boy from the village with us as our guests to the party. The other girls where worried that mr and mrs smith may disprove of bringing mr smiths workers, but at this moment – I did not care. I stood up.
“yes I see, I can understand why you wont tell anyone. I promise that your secret will not be known by anyone else.” he nodded, holding his hat in his hands, he looked so sweet, I gave into temptation and ran the few short paces between us and hugged him, I felt his arms relax around me, maybe he was just being polite? I dont know – I didnt really care.

no using the lyrics. mine.
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