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happy tears

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franks pov

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Franks Pov

my brain tried to process what was happening, but it kept getting stuck. Ashlee had – was still hugging me, I wanted to whisk her away, just ashlee and I, to somewhere other than the barn. But the barn was quiet, and there was no one here,
“ I need to talk to you.” she mumbled against my shoulder
“there’s no one here, you can talk to me now if you want?” I answered still clutched in the embrace
“yes okay then” she giggled, Pulling away, we sat down in the straw, “well, you know the party that the girls and I are going to tonight?” she asked, it was a silly question, everyone knew about the mayors party.
“but of course” I nodded
“well, we are aloud to bring one guest.” again I nodded, maybe she wanted help with how to ask, or who to ask maybe...
“well” she paused and looked up into my eyes, her eyes where bright green, they where only that way when she was happy or excited
“w-would y-you like to c-come w-with m-me?” she stuttered, I only just understood her words, she was still looking deep into my eyes, as if to see what my reaction was. I got up and turned away, what was I to do? Would Mr smith be angry at me? Of course I would take the blame but- I heard ashlee get up behind me
“i will take that as a no then” she sounded as if she were about to cry, I forgot all my worries and turned to face her, she was crying, how could I have done that to her and her eyes had gone a dead grey colour, I bound up to her, lifting her up onto a nearby bale of straw and kissed her softly on the lips.
“of course I will go with you. I would be a fool to say no” she beamed through her tears - her eyes the bright green the same as before and brought her lips to mine again.
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