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Sibleys Pov

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Sibleys Pov

I chased after emily, until she ran right into the fields of corn where I could no longer see her, I ran as far in as I could, chasing her further still but she was so fast, like the bullets the soldiers used in the war, I kept running until I ran right into gerard,
“uh- im so sorry,” I apologised “i really am, I didnt see you. I” gerard cut me off
“its okay sibley, how where you ment to see me through all this corn” my eyes danced around his face looking at his perfect features.
“i – i” he put his finger to my lip to stop me talking
“you didnt hurt youself when you collided with me did you?” he looked worried, typical gerard, he always fussed over everything.
“no no, I didnt, I realised something though” I nodded, I was going to do this now, other wise I may never have the chance “the mayors party tonight” I started
“have you decided to ask him then – who ever this mysterious man may be?” he questioned me – oh the silly fool, if only he knew it was him,
“yes I have” I smiled, so did gerard, but it looked forced, “gerard are you okay?”
“yes yes im fine, dont worry about me – its not your place” he shrugged it off
“oh codswallop, im aloud to worry about who ever I want” I placed my hands on my hips and nodded
“hum I guess your right, anyway, the party...” she stated, changing the subject back to what it was originally.
“yes well, im going to ask him now” I was getting nervous, what if he said no? What if he rejected my offer, I would certainly not come out of my room for a while.
“okay well, I guess this is goodbye for now then..” he turned around, poor soul, he didnt know it was him.
“no gerard, this is not good bye” I ran the steps he had taken so I was right behind him.
“oh?” he turned, his head turned to the side inquisitively
“will you go with me to the party tonight?” I closed me eyes as I said the words, I really thought that he would say no.
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