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gerard's pov

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Gerards pov

I must have been imagining things... did she just? No, I must be hearing things
“pardon?” I put my hands on her shoulders
“will you go with me to the party tonight?” he asked, in a firmer voice this time.
“y-yes. How, what. Just yes” a smile crept onto my lips, it was me. It was me that she liked, I felt blessed. How could a young woman, as pretty as Sibley, want to take me to a party?, it was confusing, and slightly strange, usualy it was the man that asked the woman to the parties and another thing she could have any man in this area, and she chose me, I hugged her. She pulled back, with tears in her eyes.
“sibley – why are you crying?” I asked, I was worried and even more confused. Had she changed her mind?
“im happy you silly person. Very very happy” she looked into my eyes, and I looked back into hers. Her green eyes catching me in a trance, she tiptoed slightly. our lips met. Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling my closer, deepening the kiss. I parted my lips slightly gently sliding my tongue against her bottom lip begging for entrance, she parted her lips . It was my first kiss. I would imagine it was hers too, I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her even closer to me. It was a feeling that over whelmed me, but I knew for certain that I loved Sibley, and I didnt want this moment to end.

you dont know how hard that was to write. SIBLEY I HOPE YOUR FAPPING :D
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