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Chapter 3.

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Unexpected offer.

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I waited for her to continue as I sipped the juice she had just gave me "Frank is your father" she said as I spat out the juice and coughed, "You what?" I splattered, this couldn't be true, no way.

"He's your father Rosie" I looked over at him.

"I'm sorry Rosie" he said.

"What for? Oh wait for leaving me, yeah you should be" I said, this it what i'd always planned as my response if the day came, so just because it was Frank Iero, that shouldn't make a difference should it.

"For leaving you til now, yeah I am really sorry" he said.

"Oh, its okay, i guess you have your reasons" I said with as little emotion as possible.

Just after I said that, I caught Gerar looking at my shirt, I zipped up my hoody realising I had a mcr shirt on.

"Sorry" I said to Gerard.

"Nah, its okay, its cool" he replied and smiled.

"Well Rosie, I wanna make it up to you, so i was wondering if you wanted to come back to America with us and stay for a bit, and see how it goes, I wanna make up for the time I missed because I was an immature shit" Frank said.

I was gobsmacked.

If this was said to an mcr fan, they'd jump at the chance, but now its different, i'm not just a fan, i'm family, I was hesitant, but deep down I did wanna go. After all I hadn't had a father figure at all in my life, except my grandpop, but he was in the car with my mother, I lost him the day my life came crashing down.

"Yeah, I wanna come" i said, the guys all smiled and looked happy.

"but..." I started.

They all looked up and Mikey said, "But what?"

"May I go get my best friend and introduce you first? He's not gonna believe this" I said with a smirk.

"Yeah sure" They replied.


Rosie ran off to go get her friend.
Gosh she was beautiful, it was hard to believe she was mine, her long straight black hair, which had red tips at the ends, her pale complexion and her small thin figure, that thin she looked anorexic, she was taller than me, only slightly, piercings in her nose and lip, like mine, then she had them, my eyes, gorgeous hazel eyes, that you could melt in, only they looked 10 times better on her than me. She was more perfect than I had imagined, I couldn't believe that she was mine, it was impossible, the only thing I had to know who she was, was a picture of when she was born.

"She looks like you Frank" Gerard said, and all the guys agreed.

I guess I'll explain everything to her on the way home.
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