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Just Your Average Day... Or Maybe Not

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Meet Alex. Music obsessed and talented drummer, trying to get a new job. Anyone guess who Alex'll be (hopefully) drumming for?

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I woke up at about 7am maybe and got out of bed lazily. I'm not a morning person at all even my family and friends don't bug me in the morning. I glanced around my room. It wasn't very large but it was filled with band merchandise. The walls were covered in posters for My Passion, Panic! At The Disco, Muse, Funeral For A Friend and so many other bands, seriously, the list could go on forever. Practically all my clothes had some sort of band logo on.

I pulled on a plain black T-shirt, probably my only one, some skinny jeans, some black boots and a black jacket. I brushed back my jet black hair and stared into the mirror. My blue eyes stared back, they looked tired. I grabbed a bag and shoved a few essentials in like my phone and money. I was going to have a long day. After all I was about to try and get a new job!

I had memorised everything I needed to know for my job interview, well I'd had the interview already and now I was doing the practical so they could see if I was any good. I checked me phone before I went out. No messages. I hadn't expected any I mean I'm not exactly the most sociable person you'll ever meet.

I left my flat and locked the door behind me. I put my keys in my bag and went over to my car. Then I realised how stupid I'd been by putting the keys away. I got them back out and unlocked my car. 'Your day is going seriously well so far' my mind said to me sarcastically. "Shut up" I mumbled. No I am not insane it's just that I need caffeine and now!

I drove past a coffee shop, I didn't notice what it was called, and grabbed a cup to takeaway. I was not going to go to a job meeting thing without caffeine. As I sipped my coffee in the car I glanced at my phone, to see what the time was more than anything, and realised I had about 10minutes to get there. "Oh shit!" I moaned as I put the coffee in a cup holder, I'd have to finish it later.

About 9minutes later I arrived at my, hopefully, new work place even though technically my work would take me all over the world. I grabbed my coffee, got out my car, locked it and headed into the building. I stood in the lobby looking around trying to figure out where I was ment to go when I realised they hadn't told me.

I was just about to go ask at the reception desk when I saw them come around the corner. "Hey!" I yelled as I jogged over to them. "Hey" they all said back. Gerard stared at me for a minute they were positioned so only he could see the coffee I was holding on the righthand side of my body. "Hey Gee, what's wrong?" Frank asked. He glanced back at them "Alex has coffee..." he replied and the others just started laughing.

Once they had calmed down a bit Ray said "Hey don't worry Gerard, we'll get some coffee in a minute. For now let's go see how well you play drums Alex." "Sure!" I replied as we started walking down the corridor. I took another sip of my coffee then glanced at Gerard who was still staring at it. "Here. You can have the rest." I said handing it to him. "Really!? Thank you!" He squealed as he grabbed the coffee from me.

I had a feeling this was going to be, not in a bad way, a long day.
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