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And if the sun comes up

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I was woken by the sun gazing through the blind of my window. “Fuck” I thought as I rolled over to look at my alarm clock which had surprisingly not gone off yet. For the past couple years I have always managed to wake up just minutes before my alarm would ever go off. As I close my eyes to enjoy the last few seconds of sleep with the sun on my face, the siren of my morning startles me once again. “Ughhhh!” I let out a huge groan. Today was the first day of school. Some may be excited, but considering it is my senior year, I am ready to be done and on my way to bigger and better things.
“Chelsea!” My mom shouted from her bedroom, just right down the hall. “Are you getting ready for school?” This would be my morning for the next year. Great.

“Yeah mom, I am about to leave. Bye!” I shouted as I booked it out the door. Getting ready in the morning wasn’t to difficult for me. Make sure hair wasn’t a complete mess, smear on some make-up, and throw on some jeans and a shirt.
Not two seconds I was out the door I had my sunglasses on, a cigarette in my hand, and Becca leaning against my car ready to head to school. Becca was one of my best friends, and had been since middle school.
“Ready for school!” she said in a sarcastic tone as she lit her cigarette as well. I chuckled. “Want an honest answer?” I said. She just smiled and rolled the window down. She knows me too well.

I guess you could say that school…well school was never my strong suit. And the fact that there was only a year left filled with bullshit classes and whiney teachers, I could do without. To tell you the truth, there was only one reason that I was able to bear getting up this morning to even make it there. Gerard. Gerard Way to be exact. Gerard had been my best friend since pre-school maybe, and we knew each other better then we knew ourselves. I had barely seen Gerard all summer considering I went back home to California to visit my family, and he stayed home to work on things with his band. I understood his dedication, but an entire summer in New Jersey was just too much to bare for me.
As we pulled in to my parking spot at Belleville High, Becca had noticed the accidental smile that had appeared on my face while thinking about Gerard.
“You never told him, did you?” she said accusingly. “You had all fucking summer, and didn’t tell him!?”
She was a little irritated with me, I could tell.
“Well no….I had a busy summer with work…and….” I started to say. “Bullshit, Chelsea! You had all damn summer and didn’t tell him. Maybe I will then……” she said with a grin. “No! I’ll do it, ok?” I knew I had to. “I promise.”
We both put out our cigarettes once we got out of the car. I took in and let out a deep sigh, and could almost hear Becca do the same. We started heading into the building and made it all the way to our lockers after the occasional glare and snickers from some of the other students.
Lets just say that, me and Becca weren’t among the ‘popular kids’ as you could call them. Becca was pretty chill, in the hipster fashion sense, wearing different necklaces and sweaters, where as I enjoy my band shirts to go along with my new hair color of the month. However, we stopped caring about what others think a long time ago.
As I turn the knob or my locker door, I see Becca’s eyes lock on something in the distance over my shoulder.
“There he is…” she said as I turn around to see Gerard heading my way down the hallway.
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