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Stand up fucking tall

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Chelsea talks to Gerard.

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I quickly turned back to confide in Becca, what I was going to say to Gerard, but the time I looked for her advice she was long gone down the hall leaving me defenseless.
" It's just Gerard, your best friend, and that's all. Calm down." I was to the point of talking to myself....again. Ever since my parents divorced when I was in middle school, I have always talked to myself or muttered under my breath. Becca finds it amusing, where as I try and hide it every second of everyday. I guess I could thank my parents for splitting however. They bickered nonstop, forgot about me, and just became the worst of themselves. And the only way I got as close to Gerard as I am now is due to the fact that his parents had divorced that year before mine. We had more in commen then anyone else.
"You know...people from California are supposed to be tan." he said with a smile as he tapped my forearm with his similarly pale fingers.
"I guess I missed that memo. Arn't Italian boys supposed to be tan as well?" I said with a smirk as I returned the tapping back. We were two pale peas in a pod.
He laughed and threw his arms around me for a hug and I returned the gesture. "You don't know how much I've missed you" he said while still squeezing me in his leather jacket covered arms. "Oh believe me, I have missed you more. California was great and all, but seeing my dad again was...." I trailed off.
"Weird?" he said. I liked how he tried to finish my sentences. "Akward" I said. "And a little sad." I sighed, but no matter how many times I talk about my dad he listens. Even if it is the hundredth time. You see, my dad was an alcoholic and became one ever since he and my mom split five years ago. I've tried so hard to tell him that it's not worth it, and that my mom was never worth it. Sad but true. I may live with my mom and put up with her, but I don't think I could ever love her. Not anymore. My parents divorce was a messy one with my mother being a greedy 'single' mom who just cared abou money since the beginning of her marriage. When they took the papers to court, my dad lost everything including me. Th only reason I had to stay with her was because she left my dad dry and unable to pay for me or anything to support us. He lives with my grandmother now, and takes his anger out on liquor. I hadn't seen my dad since the divorce until this summer. Since I'm now 18 Im no longer restricted to my mothers house and I had the choice to see him. He had missed out on so much of my life, which is why I blame my mother for never loving him and leaving him heartbroken. That's why I will never love her again.
Gerard hugged me again and smiled a crooked smile. "He'll get better, Chelsea. I promise" he said in an attempt to cheer me up. "The last thing you promised me, was that I could finally meet your grandmother! You promised that long ago." I said. Gerard had promised that to me. Ever since the day I met him, he always boasted about his grandmother, Elena. He used to tell me stories about him and his brother Mikey always listening to her sing. He used to tell me all the wonderful things she would tell him, like to always believe in the impossible. I had looked up to her myself, even though I had yet to meet her.
"Fine." Gerard said with a slightly less cheerful grin. "I go and visit her every weekend. And this time you can come along" he said. "I'll drive."
"Good! It's about time." I was finally building up the courage to tell him what had been pestering me all summer and most of my life.
"Uhm, hey Gerard. I gotta tell you something." I was slightly shaking.
"Yeah? There something I've been meaning to tell you too." he started. But just then, "GEE! My man! How's it goin!?" Ray, Frank and Bob come wondering over and ambush Gerard. But boys will be boys and I figured that I should just wait to tell him.
"I'll see you later, Gerard." I said with a half sincere smile. I turned and swiftly made my way to art class.
I could hear, Gerard shot after me in the hall.
"Chelsea! We will talk next class! I promise!" he shouted through the halls. I just smiled again and kept on walking. I couldn't help but think about what might Gerard have to tell me. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn't wait until English.
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