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II. City of The Damned

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After a night in a 7-11, Hunter is discovered by a punk with an interesting name and an offer.

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Hunter had walked down the highway, slowly depleting his rum supply in the blistering summer heat. Eventually, he saw a 7-11 at the end of the highway. He began to speed up his pace. A city shimmered behind the gas-station, and Hunter felt a pull towards it. He sighed, because he was much too tired to go further than the 7-11. He slunk around the back of the 7-11, almost ready to faint. Thirsty. Hunter was still so thirsty. The rum wasn't helping- It only made it worse. He threw the bottle against a lamp-post, where it shattered.

Hunter slumped against the bricks of the 7-11, next to a dumpster. As the sun went down, the lamp-post began to flicker. as the light bathed Hunter, his eyes closed and his head slumped.

"Hey, kid." He said, shaking the boy. "Kid." He shook him again. "Kid!" He kicked him in the leg. He sighed. "You're probably not even alive... HEY KID!"

Hunter's eyes flew open, and he scrambled backwards. He hit his head on the wall he'd been leaning against, and looked up at the man silhouetted above him in such a way that he couldn't see his face and he was surrounded by light. "The hell?! Who're you?" Hunter exclaimed.

The man offered him a hand. As he helped Hunter up, he said, "I should ask you the same." Now that Hunter could see the man's face, they didn't look that far apart in age. "I'm Saint Jimmy." Hunter laughed, "Really? I mean, that's-"

"Yes, it's my name. If you think it's too much, Jimmy works too. So, who're you?" St.Jimmy asked.


"Okay, Hunter... Do you got anywhere to stay?" Jimmy asked. Hunter rubbed his head, "No."

"Alright. How'd you get here in the first place? Oh, and how's your head?" Jimmy laughed.

"I ran away. Not much to tell." Hunter shrugged. "And my head is fine." He retorted, unamused.

"You can stay at my place, if you want." Jimmy offered, turning away from Hunter. Hunter decided to follow.
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