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III. At The 7-11 Where I Was Taught...

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"Good. I have a good feeling about you, Hunter."

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St.Jimmy's steps slowed as he saw that there was a security guard standing close to the door. "What is it?" Hunter asked, not seeing the officer. "Nothing. You got any cash on you?" Jimmy asked. "Yeah. Not much." Hunter said, opening the door. Jimmy just stood there, looking at Hunter. After a few seconds, Hunter shrugged and walked in, letting Jimmy get the door.

Hunter wandered among the aisles while St.Jimmy made a beeline for the bathroom.


Hunter entered the bathroom. He freaked out, however, when he realized that there were no stalls- just one toilet, which Jimmy was currently perched on. Jimmy looked up at him, one arm outstretched, the other arm curled against it, and a strip of cloth in his mouth. Jimmy recapped a hypodermic needle, slipping it into his sweat-shirt pocket. "It's okay... I was just finishing." He said, jumping off the toilet and walking out of the bathroom.


"S-So, you shoot up?" Hunter asked, though it wasn't much of a question. St.Jimmy shrugged, "Yeah. Does it bother you?" He asked, his question clearly pointed. "No." Hunter replied. "Good. I have a good feeling about you, Hunter."
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