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Awake Again, Part 2

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Everything seemed good. As long as no one else saw her behavior, then we were okay. Then they let out the FLIES to watch and protect people. That was the first time I was wary of the Industry's inventions. The FLIES watched her, so she stayed quiet. She barely talked to me. She only did when I spoke to her, and she didn't say much. When she started talking about how she really felt about how we lived, I had to cover it up, so no one would suspect she was against the Industry. Then, one night, after I sent her to bed, I got an emergency notification on my computer. I jumped over.
“Warning, Killjoys in Zone 6. Area unsecured.”
I cursed. There was no way that we could hold against that one. The Killjoys would always come near the end of the city and stealing our resources. They also attacked when we were least protected. And never in the same place twice. Yes, it was very hard to try and catch them and bring them to justice.
“Warning, Killjoys in the city. All Draculoids must station at far gate.”
So, they came into the city? Risky shot. I knew we had a better chance.”
“Warning, 25 Draculoids shot down. No Killjoys taken.”
I stared in horror at the screen.
“Warning, Killjoys escaped, unharmed. 45 Draculoids killed. 30 resource packs stolen.”
What were they planning, a party? I looked at the screen. It went blank. The resource packs contained ten days worth of food, for about 10 people. They were huge, and thirty stolen? That seemed impossible. But, they must be gaining in numbers, or becoming super-humanly strong. I sat down on the couch disgusted. There was nothing we could do about this one. The Killjoys won another raid, untouched and with all stolen items intact. I decided to go to bed. I was too tired to try and get any more work done. I got into our room, slumped on the couchbed, and fell right asleep.
The next morning I woke up, still upset about the raid. I got up and changed into some clean and ironed clothes. I walked into the kitchen to fin Trinity making breakfast.
“Morning sleepy,” She said, smailing and looking like she forgot the whole night, even though I knew she was faking.
“Mornin' babe,” I said, and tried to look normal too, with no success.
“What's the matter?” She asked, looking really curious this time to find out.
“Oh, nothing, just problems with some rebels.” I smiled and looked unconcerned.
“Nothing you need to worry about, sweetie.”
She looked up at me like she was really scared, “What if they come to hurt me? How will I know it's them? I need to know about them, so I can stay safe.”
Her tone put me in a panic, so I started explaining,“Well, it's a long story, but I don't have to go to work till afternoon, so I'll tell you. You see, a couple years ago, these people were found hiding in a gas station, talking. We thought they were survivors of the war, planning out action for finding food and water and such. We tried to help them, but they attacked us. They said they did not care for the perfect world and would fight to stop it. They said they knew out 'scheme' and told us to buzz off or they would kill us. We left them alone, knowing they would not last long. Then they started breaking into the city for supplies and weapons. They killed a lot of our guards and then let back into the desert.”
I led her to the T.V. “These are the Killjoys, as they like to call themselves.” I showed her many pictures of the Killjoys, though I was wary to see them again.
She looked strange, not scared, almost....delighted. “Where are these horrible rebels?”
“That's just it, we don't know exactly. Some where in the Zones.” I rubbed my forhead.
“Who is out there looking for them?”
“Our finest Draculoids, or Dracs, for short.”
“Oh, what are they?”
I sighed, “Do you really want to know?”
“I need to know!” She looked scared.
“Okay, okay, calm down. Shhh. Okay, well, they are like the super police, which is why you don't need to worry about anything.”
“Thanks. It's getting late, I see, don't you need to go?”
“Yes, I do!” I was so relieved to leave. I hated talking about the Killjoys.
“ Could you let me look up a bit more information on the Killjoys, just so I know what to look out for?” She said, giving me the puppy dog look.
“Of course, dear.” I said, not really paying attention. I grabbed an extra dose of pills and ran out. It felt good to get outside, although the sky wasn't it's usual beautiful orange, it was almost red. The discoloration of radiation. The proof that we tried to kill off some Killjoys. I got to the office building and was glad to finally go someplace calm and quiet.
When I got home, I had forgotten all about the Killjoys. I felt happy and satisfied with the work I got done. I walked into the kitchen again to see Trinity cooking. She looked so lovely as she worked, except for the frown she wore all the time. Today, though was different. She looked happy and pensive. She looked up when I walked in and smiled at me.
“Hey there! How was work?”
I smiled back, “Pretty good. We got lots done, always a good sign.”
“That's great! So, did you learn anything new about the Killjoys?”
My smile fell. “No, unfortunately. But no need to worry about it, we are keeping it together.”
“What happened? What did they do?”
I stared into her eyes. “Nothing you need to worry about.”
She looked back, and nodded. “Okay.” She went back to work making supper.
I went back to the computer to do some more work. We were hoping to make a better pill for feelings. Though, I didn't really know the real intent, I was only there to help the workers get the process going. The secretary, if you will. I didn't really have an idea yet what they were planning to do with the pills, but it was going to be something big, and I was really excited. While I was working I smelled dinner. Roast with potatoes. My favorite.
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