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Knock Kneed and Sweet.

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Yaz meets Mikey and his friends. :P

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Yaz's POV
I take a deep breath as I enter the school, students are standing in groups by various different lockers and rooms, greeting eachother for the frist time since the holidays. I am quickly distracted by this realising I need to go to reception and ask the school secretary to show make where my form room is. I see a door with the sign "reception" on it so I knock on it and walk in.

The reception was like any school reception really, with the school secretary sat behind a desk. She gives me a smile, "Can I help you?" she asks.
"Erm, I was wondering if you could tell me where my homeroom is? My name's Yasmin Barker, Junior year."
"Of course" She takes in the information and then looks me up on the computer. "Ah yes, Yasmin Barker, Room 23, Mrs Wellard's class. Just exit the reception and it's upstairs then four doors on the left hand side."
"Thank you" I say timidly as I leave reception and make my way to room 23.

I open the door of room 23 to see students sitting on their desks and taking. I make my way to the back of the room where I sit on an empty desk and get my Kerrang! out and start reading it, slowly studying a Green Day article. "Can I see that?", a slightly nasal voice asked from behind me. I jumped and turned around to see a lanky boy with mousy brown straight hair and glasses looking at me, his head cocked to one side. "Uhh, sure." I replied, getting out of my seat and handing him the magazine. "I'm Mikey by the way" he chirped. I looked at him up and down, he really was skinny, his grey skinnies showing his cute knock knees and he was wearing a Joy Division t-shirt. I liked this boy, he seemed friendly enough, and very sweet. I realised he was waiting for a response. "Oh yeah I'm Yasmin, but Yaz for short."
"Cool, so, what brings you to Belleville high?"
"Ohh well, I moved down here from San Francisco so yeah."
"Ah I see, well, better sit down now, bell's gonna right" he said, just as a long and loud ring came from the bell above the smartboard. I went back to sit down at the desk I was in before, and Mikey went to his, about two rows ahead.

A middle aged woman in a long skirt and cardigan came in just as the bell finished ringing, her face resembling a bulldog's. "Calm down, everyone" she said, her voice alot higher and softer than I'd expected. She looked around the classroom and caught my eye, "ah, everybody, this is Yasmin, she will be joining us from now on." she smiled at me. "I hope you make feel very welcome" I felt myself blushing as all the faces turned to gawp at me, Mikey's expression seemingly frendlier than the others. "Now that you all know who Yasmin is, it's time you get your books ready for your next class." and with that, everyone got up to go to their lockers.

I was getting my books ready when Mikey came along, "Hey, um, what classes d'you have next?" he asked, "uurh, English you?"
"Same actually" he smiled "D'you want me to show you where it is?" he offered.
"Yeah, thanks" I smiled back as we started to make our way to English.

The next few lessons were pretty boring and then it was a lunch break, Mikey caught up with me in the corridor, but he was with two other guys this time. One of them was tall and had an impressive fro making him look a bit like a tree, and the other was like a punk midget, his hair black and blonde and pink, spiked and shaven on one side, red eyeliner surrounding his eyes. "Oh hey Yaz, these are my friends"
"Hey I'm Ray" said the fro boy.
"Oh hiya I'm Frank, or Frankie, take your pick" he giggled.
"So erm, wanna eat lunch with us?" Mikey asked, uncertain.
Woah, this was all new to me, at my old school I wasn't ofen noticed, but these guys were so kind.
"Urrh, sure" I replied, beaming.
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