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Late Night Talks

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A conversation between Brendon and Ryan.

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I know I haven't updated this in almost 5 months, but please no hurt me?

Spencer and Ryan returned 15 minutes later. “Well?” Jeffree asked, taking the initiative. “It's bad.” Spencer said with a sigh, resuming his seat. Ryan did the same, slightly shaken up. “How bad?” Jon asked, a worried look crossing his face.

“'M pretty much a walking ragdoll.” Ryan said. That ended the discussion. However, the look in Brendon's eyes was one of pure heartbreak. This had been going on for so long, and it had gotten this bad, yet he never knew anything about it. And here he was priding himself on being the one that was closest to Ryan.

“Anyone have anything else to say?” Spencer asked, looking around the room. Nobody said anything. “Well if you guys aren't homophobic, there's the guest bedroom, the couch and my bedroom.” He continued. “I call dibs on the couch!” the pink-haired transvestite yelled. Everyone stifled a laugh at this. They tried to keep the atmosphere easygoing in here.

“Guest bedroom.” Brendon said. “Same.” Ryan seconded. “So I have to be stuck with this thing?” Jon said, faking annoyance. “Yep. Gotta love me.” Spencer said with a cheeky grin. Jon rolled his eyes. Without further ado, they said their goodnights, and left for their respective sleeping areas for the night.

After the lights had gone out and they were both comfortably snuggled into the bed, when Brendon was moments away from falling asleep, he heard soft sobbing. “Ryro?” He asked, rolling over so he was facing Ryan's back. In the combination of moonlight and streetlight coming in through the window, he could see the frail boy's shoulders shuddering with near silent sobs.

“Ryan?” Brendon asked again, setting his hand gently on a shaking shoulder. Instantly, the other boy froze, body going tense. “Are you ok?”

Ryan rolled over. Now, Brendon could clearly see that Ryan had been crying for some time now. His eyes appeared sore and puffy already. Within a moment, Brendon pulled Ryan close, hugging him, and saying, “It's ok. It's ok. Just tell me what's wrong.” Ryan wrapped his arms around Brendon sobbing freely into his shoulder, causing his shirt to grow a large damp patch within moments, that didn't show any sign of stopping its growth any time soon.

After another moment, Ryan choked out, “I-I didn't....expect it t-to get this far!” He wailed, hiccuping. He buried his face in his friend's shoulder again, holding on for dear life. “Shhhh. Didn't expect what to get this far?” Brendon asked, rubbing the other boy's back gently.

“T-the cutting.” Ryan whispered. “Why do you say that?” Brendon said, trying to keep his voice from sounding too harsh or condescending. “W-when it st-started, it was just...just something that happened every once in a while, ya know?” Ryan asked, blinking back a fresh wave of tears. Brendon nodded. With this confirmation, Ryan continued, “But then, then it started to get out of control. It just got too much. I would be cutting in school and everywhere and, and...”, trailing off into more sobs.

“But we'll help you. Why didn't you tell me before it got that bad Ry? You know I’m here for you.” Brendon said, feeling a bit sad that his best friend had never told him once in all these years. He hoped that his statements didn't sound too accusing. That was the last thing that he needed.

“I woulda Brendon, but it's just... It's just...”

“Too hard to confess to something like that?” Brendon offered. Ryan nodded. “I thought that you might hate me for it, or it would hurt you or something.”

“It hurts me to know that you do this, yeah, but I would never hate you for it.” Brendon said, brushing the hair out of Ryan's eyes. The ends of the hair had gotten slightly damp due to his tears. “Really?”

The other boy only nodded.

“Stay with me?” Ryan asked. He didn't want to be alone. Not at a time like this. “Get some sleep Ryro. I'll stay with you.” Brendon said, continuing to rub Ryan's back in slow, soothing circles.
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