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Franks is---

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Frank was standing before a judge at this very promise. He put his hand on the bible “I swear!” He said and smiled at the cameras! Gerard was sitting on his side with Lyn-z on the other side of the court room. Gerard kept glancing at Lyn-z. Lyn-z not once glanced at Gerard. Some wife… Frank would think. He deserves better.

(Time lapse)

“Gerard, could you explain the evening in your point of view please?” The judge said.
Gerard nodded “Me and Frank were texting back and fourth. Told him goodbye. He took it as a suicide note, witch it was.” He stopped and grinned at Frank. “He rushed over to find the gun in my hand. He took it and some cops came in, including officer Bryar.” He chuckled a little. Bryar rushed me to the hospital and Frank had to be with him. He said he was only there and crying because of me, not because he could go to prison. He was only there to save me, not kill me. He was accused by my Ex- wife.” He stated. Lyn-z looked over her mouth hanging open. He turned to her “You were in for the money. My cash disappeared every Friday!” He smiled and turned towards the judge. “Frank Iero…not guilty!” Frank did a little dance. Gerard grabbed his hand. Frank stopped and looked up “thank you” Gerard whispered and kissed Frank. Frank smiled against the kiss.

They walked out to see at lest 50 hundred fans. Gerard and Frank made there way to there SUV hand in hand! Love long time readers!
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