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sorry for the short pointless chapter but it is very funny still

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Ghoul’s point of view

The birds are chirping, the sun is rising as, my head is throbbing, my stomach is boiling with vomit. I am having a hangover, ohh joy. Ohh even better me and Jamia are on the very uncomfortable hard metal floor. I felt something poke my shoulder, I looked over and saw it was Jamia poking my shoulder.

“Hun we all the bottles.......and...and....ccccans.....” Jamia struggled to say to and poking my shoulder

“Way to fuckin loud Jame!” I said to her. She just put her head in the floor and did a big sigh.

“Could you at least get the sunglasses, it i going to be a long day and it is going to be really bright and like sunny”Jamia said.

“Fine.......”I said and stumbled up and grabbed are shades from her bag. We put them on and started to try and make the room look decent again by piling up all the garbage from last night in a sloppy pile in the corner. We were so out of it we stumbled to the bunk and started to drift off. I think I started to feel better feeling comfortable and drifting off into peaceful sleep. Then....BANG BANG and another BANG! Ugg who the fuck wants me at 7 am in the fuckin mourning.

“GHOUL!!! GHOUL!!! PLEASE COME QUICK!! POISON AND SEC ARE DEAD!!!!” Grace said extremely scared and worried. O my fuckin good if Sec and Poison got alcohol poisoning I swear to god someone else is going to have to fuckin drag them to the fuckin medical center on the other side of the base. I got up and stumbled over to the fuckin door and opened it up.

“Come on Grace they are probably not dead they are probably just really like tired,” I said walking with her.

“Well they are probably are tired,and....hungover. When I went in to go to bed, I saw them making out in their underwear and then they took them off and started bouncing on each other...” Grace said.

I started to laugh my fuckin head off. “They are probably really tired and hungover then, or even stoned to death” I said. Wow they are so wasted and high they didn’t even notice that a little girl watched them fuck.

“Probably can you explain why they were bouncing on each other though, because they were like moaning and screaming in all. Doesn’t that hurt?”Grace asked with concern.

“Well let me explain everything...” I said to Grace. I then explained to her what Poison and Sec were doing.

“EWWWW GROSS!!!” Grace said looking like she was going to vomit. “I never want a to have a boyfriend that is so icky!” Grace said very disgusted.

“That is what they all say when they are young, you will come around kid” I said and then I got to the door of Poison and Sec’s room. I opened it up and saw Poison and Sec sloppily sleeping on the bunk naked and tangled in the sheets. The asshole I was, I went up to their bunk and started to kick and shake it, “ GET YOUR LAZY ASSES UP, THERE IS A LITTLE GIRL WITH CURLS OVER HERE THAT THINKS YOUR DEAD!” I yelled to them

“IM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!” Grace yelled to me hiding behind the door of the room.

“GET YOUR HUNGOVER ASSHOLES OUTTA BED!” I said again shaking the bunk.

“YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY FUCKIN LOUD!”Poison screamed refusing to wake up.

“Get your ass up please for me and Grace the poor girl thought you were dead, she even saw you having sex last night!”I yelled to them.

“Are you fuckin serious dude” Poison said opening up his eyes and sitting up.

“Yep, you guys were fried last night. You even did it in the bathroom and smoked my weed, and drank all our beer” I finished.

“Holy Shit, I remember....I remember...passionate sex with Sec” Poison said rubbing his head and moaning.

“Well Grace wanted to know if you guys were alive, please get some clothes on the poor girl sleeps in this room” I said to them and started kicking their clothes over to them.
I stepped out and Poison and Sec got dressed.

“Is it decent in there yet” Grace asked folding her arms and stopping her foot.
I knocked on the door.

“Are you guys decent yet” I said knocking on the door.

“Ya....she can like come in...” Sec said opening up the door.

Grace ran back in and shut the door on me. You know what this is time for little Ghoully to go night night.

Jet’s point of view

I rolled outta bed with headache but it wasn’t that bad, Christa and I tried to stay sober as possible but we gave in and had 3 or 4 beers. I can imagine everyone else wearing big sunglasses this mourning. Christa was still sleeping so I didn’t want to wake her so I slipped outta bed and threw on my normal day clothes and sunglasses. I walked outside to see Sec, Poison, and Ghoul looking like dead people with big sunglasses on.

“I am guessing everyone had a pleasurable night” I said.

“Oh yea it was good to have a night off” Poison said slurring his words a little.

I then took in a deep breath to relax and smell a little of the fresh air but as I did it just got completely ruined when Kobra and Meth came out.

“My my what a beautiful day everyone, the sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, my brother is hungover, and my girlfriend is tightening my pants. Could this day get any better!” Kobra said walking over to us. He then gave Poison a kiss on the cheek.

“What the fuck” Poison said wiping his cheek.

“Big brother, a man can kiss his brother when every he wants and I am a man” Kobra said.

“Oh great Kobra thinks fucking makes him a man with a giant ego” Poison said.

“Please don’t make me think of that Friday the 13th Movie Marathon night” Ghoul said shaking.

“It was Friday the 13th and we were all having a Friday the 13th movie marathon at our apartment. To teenagers say they went to get more snacks. We ended up finding them but naked on my bed and my tube of fake blood splattered all over the place and on them.” Poison said.

“Why would you guys turn loosing purity into acts of kinky sex” I said

“It was Meth’s idea” Kobra said pointing to Meth.

“Were fucked up children ok, I crossed the boarder with a bag of pot in my tugged away in my baby beanie” Meth said giggling,

“ You did the work last night didn’t you Meth,” Poison said.

“Ya I did, but please let the boy have his moment” Meth said with guilty voice.

“I love how Meth has always been the man of your relationship” Ghoul said laughing.

“Shut up, I was having a good moment and you guys ruined it” Kobra said.
“Hey at least we don’t fuck covered in Poison’s fake blood” Sec said.

Kobra what are we going to do with you. I can’t believe everyone pretty much got fried last night. I feel kinda out of place around a see of sunglasses. We all started to walk a little bit and suddenly we heard a loud and big explosion.

“HOLY FUCK!” Poison said covering his ears.

Then another explosion went off and it was closer and everyone around us was ducking and covering their ears.

“BL/IND IS HEAR WERE ALL GONNA DIE!” one guy said screaming bloody murder.

We got out our guns and started running towards the explosions. We looked around and didn’t see any trace of BL/ind anywhere.

“What the fuck” I said. I looked over and saw a couple computer nerds sitting on a bench with weird science stuff. Then another explosion went off. I think those nerds over there are making everything explode. One of them came up to us.

“O gosh I am sorry you guys didn’t know what we were doing, so please don’t shoot us we are good guys” The nerd said in a nervous voice

“And you guys are blowing up random shit because”Poison said with a little concern.

“ This bomb we are working on will blow up ever single BL/ind cooperation in a push of a button. If we instal a satellite communicator in their headquarters, it will sends waves to their satellites and it will cause the satellite to send destructive waves to all their cooperation towers which will blow all of them up within seconds. Which then the buildings go Korse will go and you guys will have control of Battery city for a brighter future.” The nerd said.

“Please power phrase this in English” Ghoul said.....
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