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Dr. Death Defying and The Femme Fatals

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Short chapter but it is leading up to a bigger chapter coming up

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Poison’s point of view

It was late afternoon and we were all feeling better. It was weird not being on the road all the time. You know traveling from Zone to Zone all the time and getting pursued all the time. I found it fun. It is kind of nice though getting a little break, well till the rest show up to the base and we can start planning this, well hopefully the final mission. We are just hanging in this diner on the base. I am actually getting served real food for a change. It is all that canned flavored paste from BL/ind all the time anymore. I actually ate a normal cheeseburger for a change. It tasted like heaven even though it is cheap fuckin grade E meat that is lower than fuckin dog food. I do not know why it is so good, guess that how much dumbassness us American’s have in out brains.
“ Come in Dr. Death, come in can you hear me it is Poison....” I said messing around with the dials on this old CBC radio I have.
“Dr. D can hear you loud and clear” He replied back from the radio. “I’m here with my crew and The Femme Fatals.”
“Who are they,” Ghoul asked him.
“A group of lovely lady Killjoys from Las Vegas, Nevada. I found them on the California border traveling in my little van. Their little adult Disney world was taken over by BL/ind. Wait till you see them, they are really excited to see you.” Dr. D said in his overly dramatic radio character voice.
“So when are you arriving to this little get together we haven’t you in a long time” I said trying no to laugh at Dr.D’s over dramatic voice.
“Dr.D can see you through a tiny cracked van window. You can see Dr.D through a giant window overlooking the desert.” He replied back.
“Dude just tell us were you........” Kobra said then got interrupted when we all hear a loud sound that sounded like an engine.
I looked out the window and saw nun other than Dr.D’s van pulling up in front of the diner. We all ran outside to the van to great him.
“DOC!” I yelled when I approached the van.
“I see Party hasn’t changed a bit. His lovely wife is still looking drop dead gorgeous.” Dr. D said shaking my hand and having a moment of reuniting.
“Nope he hasn’t come around yet” Sec said giving a friendly punch and my arm and laughing friendly at me.
‘Well we are just the free will hippie couple. You know cruising the open rode together, makin love, her one day having my children, then one day we will get married” I said trying to lighten up my total embarrassment. At least I know now that Sec does want to marry me and she is waiting for me to pop the question.
“The crew is here to,” Dr.D said and then the van opened up and the whole crew came out.
“Does this belong to anyone” Show Pony said trying to skate on the sand. He had a special boombox in his hand.
“MY BOOMBOX!” Grace said running over to Show Pony and grabbed it.
“We were able find it in the rubble of a blown up BL/ind car.” Show Pony said handing her the boombox.
“Yep you can thank me for blowing up the car in Zone 3” Hot Chimp said coming out of the van.
“Thank you I missed it so much!” Grace said grasping the boombox like a little child.
“Someone make some noise cause spy some Killjoys!” A female voice said coming from the van. Then Three girls came out of the van. One had jet black hair that was long a crimped like she has had some sort of perm. She had a black leather one sleeve mini top and and black tight leather pants with red spiked stiletto heals that look like she bought them years ago. She had millions of bandanas and scarfs hanging from her diamond encrusted belt.
The second one had a blonde Farah Faucet hair cut, and she had a bright fluorescent purple halter top on with a mesh shirt under it. She had black ripped fishnet stockings with fluorescent green leather booty shorts and right fluorescent purple platform 70s boots. The last one had long brown hair teased out with a bandana around her head. She had a ripped up Metallica shirt and every part of her skin was pretty much see-able through the shirt except for her um...nipples. She had a ripped up jean skirt that looked like it was 100 years old with all the aged rips. She had black leggings the stopped at her mid calf section and she had black ankle boots.
“The names Stevie’s Leather” The Black haired girl said.
“Neon Nectar” The Blonde said.
“Metal Groupie” The Brown haired girl said.
“Call us by those names and those names only. We are the Femme Fatals, the Killjoys of Viva Las Vegas” Stevie’s Leather said in a seductive tone.
“You must be Party Poison, we have heard so much about you. From starting the Killjoys to influencing a whole movement of anti-BL/ind people. It is a an honor to meet you” Neon Nectar said in a flirty voice and shaking my hands.
“Umm thanks let me introduce team” I said a little creeped out by the way the girls were acting.
“This is brother Kobra Kid, and this is Jet Star,...Fun Ghoul....Krystal Meth, and my girlfriend Toxic Triple-Sec.” I said pointing to each of them.
“ Poison we didn’t know you had a female lover,” Metal Groupie said in sad tone. “I am always available for any help” she said smiling.
“Why don’t you guys wear any masks or face coverings” Ghoul asked.
“Because we are porn stars which means we don’t need them” Neon Nectar said.
“ guys are porn stars.....” Ray said in a nervous voice.
“Ya we work in this studio in Las Vegas were it is like a whole society of pornos” Stevie’s Leather said.
“We should totally go to Las Vegas for a vacation!” Ghoul said.
“That would actually be a great second honeymoon for the both of us” Jamia said to Ghoul sarcastically.
‘Oh Jamia you know I’ll always stay true to you, no matter what” Ghoul said putting her arm around her.
“I hope you do, I don’t think you want anything to happen to your precious balls do you” Jamia said.
“Ooo little Frankie is gonna get his balls chopped of” Kobra said in a teasing voice.
“ Hey stop, my balls are not going anywhere” Ghoul said starting grasp his crotch.
“Stop fighting like an old married couple!” Meth said.
“All I ask it that Ghoul doesn’t do anything stupid that will cause him to get his balls chopped off from his wife,” Jamia said trying to some up the conversation.
“Hey, we are not relationship wreckers here we are just naturally horny all the time, it is apart of our day job. Were supposed to help men get vertical” Metal Groupie said.
“Well ummm......It....ummm....good to know you personal talents and how that applies to your day job” Ray said.
“Now on a lighter note, I do not know anything you guys are talking about but something is going on with the Killjoys in Zone 4. It sounds like a BL/ind ambush.” Grace said twiddling around with her radio with her ear to the speaker.
We all than ran into Dr.D’s van and got his portable radio equipment in his van, working to reach them.
“Skull Cracker, come in, are you guys in trouble, Skull Cracker” I said fiddling with the radio to get a clear signal.
“Party Poison is that you, umm we are on the attack by BL/ind in this little out skirted town in Zone 4. We have the people evacuated. BL/ind was trying to take over the town. We are now trying to escape ourselves. We are outnumbered so we decided to retreat..........HOLY GOD BL/IND IS TOSSING DOWN BOMBS ON THE TOWN!! O MY GOD IT CAN’T BE IS THAT KOR.....” Skull Cracker said then the radio transmission died.....
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