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Zone 4

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A very devastating event happens at Zone 4....

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Poison’s point of view

“We have to go to Zone 4 now, or they aren’t going to make it” I said getting up.
“You mean just pile up in the car and go now” Kobra said.
“Zone 4 is about 10 minuets from here, if we leave now we may have a chance to save them” I said
“We are going to go but it is going to be crazy” Ghoul said.
“Got any motor vehicles us girls can travel in to get to Zone 4” Neon Nectar asked.
“We have two old motorcycles in the back of the van you guys can ride,” Show Pony said.
“Dr. D can and your crew stay here to keep control of the place” I said.
“Will do Poison” Dr. D said.

We suited up and started driving to Zone 4 with The Femme Fatals next to us on Dr.D’s old motorcycles. I saw Stevie’s Leather riding on on bike and Neon Nectar driving the other with Metal Groupie clinging on to her on the bike. I looked over at Sec next to me, she had her head against the broken car window in a scared and concerned face. I reached my hand over and grabbed her hand. She then looked at me with that concerned face.
“Their all dead Poison, we are to late” Sec said in a crackly voice.
“Sec do not think about that, we still have a chance to save them, their is still hope” I said to her. I pulled her close me. Then the night started to fall on the hot humid desert horizon as we reached Zone 4. Once we reached Zone 4 i could see BL/ind cars, helicopters and Dracs everywhere. Maybe we weren’t to late. We all hopped out of the car and jumped right into the action. I was illing Drac after Drac but, the Killjoys of zone 4 were no where to be found.
“Poison, get over here quick!” Neon Nectar yelled out from an abandoned car garage. Kobra, Meth, Sec, and i went into the garage were Nectar was yelling from.
“O my god we are to late” Sec said starting to cringe her face with her hands and throwing her head to my chest. Laying before me was Black Straddler from the Zone 4 Killjoys, laying on his back with his lazer gun still tightly in his grip, and five giant bloody lazer gun wounds sticking out of his chest. Black Straddler was dead.
“Have Ghoul and Jet get in here then start looking for survivors, Ghoul, Jet and I will take care of Straddler, and that is an order.” I said in an angrier tone. Shit we were to late if Straddler is dead we might have to start planning a conjoined funeral. Soon Ghoul and Jet came in while the others looked for the other Killjoys.
“We heard what happened Poison, what are we going to do with the body” Jet said.
“We could burn it,”Ghoul said.
"I do not think we can for the moment, If Scarlet Fever is still alive she would want us to bring the body back to the base. She would want to give her brother a proper burial.” I said.
“ We still need to figure out how to get outta here in one piece, we are defiantly out numbered” Ghoul said.
“We could use those gas cans and chemicals over there and blow up the whole town and escape right away before it explodes. It would be risky but it will cover up are tracks” Jet said.
“We will have to do that but we need to make sure we have searched every where for any survivors. Start pouring it everywhere, I am going to look for Skull Cracker” I said and we all broke off.
Everyone was running around killing Dracs left and right trying to find the rest of Zone 4’s killjoys. Korba and Jet were making sure Black Straddler’s body was safe. No one has found any traces of the rest of them. Could they be killed already and their bodies already in the clutches of BL/ind. I wish one of them was alive and could scream or something showing some sign of life. When I approached a broken down radio tower, I quickly climbed up to it. The last time I talked to Skull Cracker was via radio. Knowing he was cut off by BL/ind, we may have to have a double Killjoy funeral.
Sec saw me and quickly climbed up with me. When we got up there, we saw the transmission room’s door was damaged like it was broken into then quickly and sloppily put back in place to cover up the break in. Sec and I were able to pull open the door. It was pitch black in there and we shined a flashlight and saw how damaged it was.
“Is anyone in here!” I yelled shinning the flashlight all over the place.
“Is....thththththat.....yyyyouuu...PPPPPoisssooonnnn....” A faint girl voice said.
“ Scarlet is that you, were are you!” I yelled back.
“OOOvvvverrr...hhhere.....uuunder...the....pppile..of...broken...wood” She yelled back as loud as she could. We ran over to the pile of broken wood and we quickly started throwing the wood all over the place till we could see not only Scarlet Fever but also Bleeding Candle tied to her.
“Poison, thank god, we thought these were are last minuets!” Candle said trying to catch his breath as we untied them.
“Were is Skull Cracker! Do you know were he is” I asked Scarlet.
“Poison....I don’t know if he is still alive”Scarlet said she slowly starting to loose consciousness.
“Stay with me Scarlet, please, was it Korse who took him, was he here” I said to here holding her cheeks.
“ I tried to stop him.....Cracker was trying to get a hold of you for a distress call. We were out numbered, to many of them. We saw him talking to you. Then I saw....him.........and....and.......and.........” she faintly said. She started coughing.
“Scarlet please tell me, what did he do to him....speak...please!” I said to her grasping her cheeks.
“I cccame in and he grabbed a hhold of hhim....ttthen he wwas ggone.....tthey..ffilled..the whole....ttower with...ggas...aand i blacked iis mmy brotther..” Scarlet said struggling with her words and coughing allot.
“Scarlet....your brother is dead” I said to her.
Scarlet’s eyes flew wide open and they were blood shot and she started wheezing.
“Please bring his body back with me.....” Scarlet said and passed out.
“ We got to get out of here! Sec tell them we found them and start getting the fire going” I yelled over to her.
Bleeding Candle picked up Scarlet and we ran out of the tower.
“POISON NOW!’ Jet yelled. I then shot a gas tank connected to one of the buildings causing it to explode and the building exploding like dominoes.
Meth had Straddler in a garbage bag and her and Kobra were caring him.
BL/ind was retreating, well that is what it looked liked on the count of their Dracs exploding.
We were running towards are vehicles as fast as we could before the fire got to the giant river of gas the guys put together.
“Ahhhh....” Sec said grasping her arm were she was wounded and she started to fall. I quickly picked her up. She was breaking into a cold sweat. I had her hang on to me as we were running away from the explosion.
“Almost there babe hang on please...” I said grasping her shoulders like I was holding on to the most delicate form of life. 
“I’ll drive this time” Kobra said grabbing my key chain from my belt and running into the car and starting it up. Meth and Ghoul helped Bleeding Candle get unconscious Scarlet and death struck Black Straddler in his van. I could tell Sec was slowing down drastically, we were almost to the car, all we had to do is to cross the little river of gas before it explodes. Everyone had gotten to the vehicles except for us. The Fire was spreading as we finally started to cross the ditch of gasoline. It was spreading fast across it and we were only seconds away from death.
“Hold on tight to me Sec, and cover you face as much as possible” I said and she clenched to me and had her face buried deep into my chest. I then started to pick up my running as I clenched her and keep my arms around her tight. I then did something I had a 50/50 shot at....yes I was going to jump for it. Right when I jumped, I felt a giant current of smoke push into us........
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