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You don't understand "It"

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short chapter sorry:(

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Poison’s point of view

Holy mother of god....I’m alive and so was Sec cause I could feel her breathing against my chest. We just made it past the big explosion, I thought we were goners when the smoke hit us. I then heard a car engine sound get louder. I saw the car appear in the smoke.
“Get in!” Ghoul said opening up the car door with his hand out. I quickly got up and took Ghoul’s hand and quickly got Sec and I in the car. We laid her down across my lap, her breathing was a little labored and she was starting to feel hot.
“Poison I think she is running a fever, get her something cold” Meth said feeling her forehead.
I took my bandana tucked in my jacket’s collar and splashed some water from my water bottle on it and placed it on her forehead. She then started to close her eyes slightly.
“Sec, babe please don’t close your eyes, I need to know you aren’t slipping from me.” I told her and held her hand tight.
“”She said
“Once we get back to the base I will carry you right to bed, I promise.” I said holding her hand tight.
“Let’s get some stuff off her to cool her down,” Meth said. I then quickly took her jacket and her mask off. I was rubbing down her body with the cool water drenched bandana.
“I feel a little better,” Sec said faintly, “Can I sleep now....”
“Yes you can sleep now...” I said to her and let her drift off on my lap.

We reached the base ten minuets and we got Scarlet to the medical center and she was treated and we were just waiting for the anesthetics to wear off of her. Sec was feeling much better and she didn’t want to go to bed after that. She stayed waiting in the medical center with everyone.
“Poison...”Grace said looking up at me.
“Yes,”I said back to her looking down at her.
“Why did you carry Black Straddler in a garbage bag?” She asked me. I got startled by her question that I nearly chocked on my saliva. I then gulped really loud and figured out what to say in the best way to a little girl.
“Black Straddler was killed...ok...I said it....The Dracs shot a million fuckin bullets in his fuckin chest and we were to fuckin late to save him. We found him in a fuckin pool of fuckin blood on the floor of an abandoned garage and ended up burning the whole fuckin town! That is why he is in a fuckin garbage bag!” Ghoul yelled and kicked the trash can in the hallway hard. Grace had a sad look on her face. Sec came down to her level and started to hug her tight.
“Ghoul that was totally uncalled for you scared her and you scared everyone else here!” I said to Ghoul with a stern tone.
“You know what Poison, I don’t give a shit!” Ghoul said and flipped me off and then started walking down the hallway to the exit doors.
“Ghoul! Ghoul! You get back here now and apologize for what you did!” Jamia said.
“No MOM I will not get back there,” Ghoul said back to her.
“Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr., please get right back here now” Jamia said chasing after her.
“It’s Ghoul, Fun Ghoul not Frank Anthony blah blah jr.” Ghoul said and walked out and and slammed the door in Jamia’s face.
“Guys stay here, I will go after him,” I said and ran out side after Ghoul. I say him sitting at the wall of the building having a smoke. I sat down next to him and had a smoke with him.
“Ghoul, listen to me I understand you are mad, I get that,” I said to him.
“No Poison you don’t get it you will never get “it”. The man was slaughtered and we weren’t there in time to save him. Now his own leader could be dead also. “It” will never go away and when Scarlet wakes up she will be next, you know she will never have the will to live without her brother! Then we will loose another one, then their is only one left and the whole protection of Zone 4 will be destroyed and look it becomes a Bl/ind infested world in Zone 4. “It” never goes away, “It’ never goes fuckin away Poison,” Ghoul said throwing the cigarette on the sand while it was still hot causing a mini explosion to happen on the ground.
“Don’t say that she is going to die Ghoul, you know we wont let her, she will get over her brother’s death and will end up avenging it when we invade them.” I said to him and took a drag of my smokes.
“That still doesn’t make it better because nothing will bring them all back. Nothing will bring back all the fuckin lost killjoys, just because we killed the ones who killed them doesn’t mean everything is going to be better.” Ghoul said in an angered tone.
“I understand Ghoul, you know how I went suicidal after my grandma died. Death takes it’s tole on everyone.” I said to him.
“I am tired of all the fuckin killjoy funerals, everywhere we turn there is another dead one.” Ghoul said
“The world is fucked up Ghoul, we know that they didn’t die in vein because they were fighting for what is right and they were trying to unfuck up the world.” I said to him. Ghoul then got up and started to walk back into the medical center.
“Were are you going Ghoul?” I asked him.
“Back, to apologize to my fuckin wife!” Ghoul said walking in......
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