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Chapter 6.

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After a few more blushing faces and spinning of a bottle we decided it was getting late and should head back to mine and Mikey’s before we get murdered and put to the bottom of the pond in the park. That could happen you know.

“So Gerard we still no nothing about you.” James said as we walked along the graffiti covered streets.

“Well, I moved out a long time ago because I was hurting my friends and family, I lost contact with them and then everything went downhill. I came back today actually.” I finished, it was obvious I had missed detail but no one said anything.

We got home and Mikey ran up to his room to get some movies to watch and we all sat down in the lounge.

“Okay I’ve got Nightmare before Christmas, Nightmare on Elm Street and the entire Scream collection.” Mikey concluded.

“I was sure we had more.” I said remembering spending hours watching many horror movies with Mikey.

“These were the first I found.”

“So which one?!” Leslie said excitedly bouncing in his seat. We laughed at him and everyone looked at me, as if asking me which one I wanted to watch.

“Um…well Scream is alright…Scream 4? I haven’t seen it yet.” I admitted.

“Cool.” Leslie said, cuddling up in a friendly way to James. Lacie sat on her own happily and Mikey sat down next to her. That left me and a shaking Frank on the couch.

“Um...I got to go!” Frank said standing up quickly.

“No Frank! You always go when we out a movie on like this. Stay.” Lacie ordered and he did, sitting back down next to me. He was shaking. A lot.

“Frank,” I whisper.” Are you alright?”

“Yeah, m’fine G.” Frank whispered back.

A little later though Frank was shaking and badly.

Frank, you’re not fine.” I state. He looks at me with petrified eyes and he actually looks ready to cry. “Oh Frank,” I say moving over to him and pulling him into my lap. “Shh.” I coo, rocking him. “You don’t like scary movies do you.” I asked but it was more like a statement.

“No…” He said hugging me tighter as a girl screamed.

“We don’t have to watch.”

“No, I don’t want to spoil it for everyone especially you, you haven’t seen it yet.” He whispered back cuddling closer to me even more.

“I don’t care. It’s not that good anyway. Want to go to my room?”

“Y-yes.” He answered quietly and I stood up still holding him and quietly made my way out of the room, the others too engrossed in the movie to notice.

I sat down on my bed with Frank who now seemed a lot calmer. I checked to see that it was late.

“Want to sleep?” I asked stroking his hair. He nodded and I took him off my lap to go turn my light off. I did and went back to my bed with just the bed side lamp for light.

“I don’t have any pyjamas…”

“I don’t mind.” Frank replied quietly starting to unzip his hoodie. I did the same till we were both in our boxers. I’m still amazed about how comfortable I am with him…I don’t really know why I am.

I got under the duvet followed by Frank and I leaned over him to turn the last bit of light out. As soon as I did Frank started panicking again.

“Shh, Frank. It’s alright.” I soothed wrapping my arms around him. He soon quieted and was asleep followed by me.
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