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Chapter 7.

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When I woke up there was warmth all around me, Frank. I subconsciously stroked his hair as I watched his peaceful figure sleep. He started to stir and I quickly took my hand away.


“Yes Frank?”

“Why am I in your bed?”

“You were scared after the movie.” I said and he stiffened. “What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t be such a wimp…”

“You aren’t a wimp just easily scared…”


I sat up pulling him with me.

“We should get coffee.” I say getting out of bed leaving Frank still sitting there. “Coming?” I ask offering my hand. A small smile spreads across his face as he takes my hand and stands up.

When we walk into the kitchen we both stop dead, Mikey and Lacie were leaning against the kitchen counter…kissing.

“Uh, Mikes?” Frank says, his face contorted into one of confusion.

They both pull apart blushing like crazy.

“Y-yes Frank?” He asks trying to look nonchalant about what we just witnessed.

“Are you two…?” I asked making hand gestures to them both.

“Maybe…are you?” Lacie asked pointing to our still entwined hands.

“Uh…” Frank stutters looking awkward but not letting go.

"We're not...I don't like Frank like that!" I said not wanting my brother to know I likes his best friend and bout I had only known for about a day

“Uh…Um…Sorry!” Frank stutters running out the room.
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